Will the Unpaid Suppliers of God TV please talk to Lucas and I in private via email in complete confidentiality

Will the numerous Unpaid Suppliers of God TV please come forward and spill the beans on God TV financial behaviours.

Eg Building  Contractors, Israel Broadcast Centre Suppliers,  Office  Suppliers, Hired out Cameramen,  Catering Suppliers. Specialist Broadcast Contractors, Lawyers!!!! Landlords,  you must be legion!!
We all know now that God TV is run by a load of unrepentant unreformed Bankrupts who see no need to change their behaviour who spout superspiritual rubbish to justify asking exhorbitant sums from their viewer claiming that it is GOD who tells them to donate sums of xx£$ rather than the manipulative  Staff at God TV.

So come forward contact Lucas Labrador X or and copy me me.



Lucas Labrador X ”This is ugly” [God TV] Rory Perrins not Stephens or Alecs have a string of bankrupcies behind them. Alecs are into this for the MONEY NO WONDER YOU SHOULD NOT GIVE TO GOD TV MISSIONS WEEK

I was  RIGHT!!! I have been monitoring Missions Week for the last 10-15 years and God TV have consistently not ever raised the funds required for the Ministry.   Rory Alec’s  list of Directorships and list of Bankruptcies only attests to their financial incompetencies. DO NOT GIVE TO GOD TV’S MISSIONS WEEK/REVIVAL ALERTS.

They are ungodly in their raising of finances and are not to be trusted. This stunning new revelation is evidence of that from the mighty Lucas Labradox X.

Thank you to God TV Staff and others.

Dodgy Revival Alert Wendy Alec (adultery, affairs) will appear with Benny Hinn (adultery affair remarried wife) to do the 3 x yearly Missons Week Revival Alert

Get this at next Weeks Revival Alert or so The Young Turks inform us we have Wendy Alec (serial adulteress see  SERIOUS comments on Whistleblower Post) with  Benny Hinn ( private jet Dove One with  prescription drug addicted  adulterous wife idivorced him now they are remarried) campaigning for the Revival Prayer Centre where adulterous Todd bentley who abandoned his disabled wife for some young  Jessa Bentley flesh to come and wreak multiple devastations on the gullible Christian non Christian publics.

Go back to Whistleblowers  Post and you will find work has stopped. There isn’t enough money to do proper strutural surveys on the Gaumont so viewers who have visited have not only incurred severe unwarranted laundry and  bathing costs but have risked their lives to consecrate a non legally existing RPC.

We need some Lawyers round here those who are legally curious enough to make a rudimentary assessment of what the legal situation might be.

It all adds up. Next Week should be absolute comedy.



#tortdefamationslander de facto modus operandi misrepresenting the Church

#assaultandbattery todd bentley #adultery Jessa Bentley

#pervertingthecourseofjustic Morningstar ministries so assaulted stage four cancer patients are denied legal redresss.

Non compliance little compliance with the regulators

#humanrightsviolations Bedouin tribes on  land god tv has decided for its million tree #forestofhate israel

#employmentlawoffences non payment of due wages




The God TV Forest Signage much publicised by protesting Palestinian Communities in the Negev

Look very carefully at this sign God TV don’t want you to remember it and the Bedouin Tribes they are attempting to evict. #thegovernmentalgoalsofgodrv #godtvforestofhate #Israel #Jerusalem

First Night Nerves as God TV plans 7 Day Missions Week on top of the third Fundraising Campaign (Official) this Year

Rory Alec breaks with all broadcast conventions and does a Joe Bloggs impression in lieu of a defended Lakeland Scandal

Rory Alec breaks with all broadcast conventions and does a Joe Bloggs impression in lieu of a defended Lakeland Scandal

Rory and Wendy Alec, Chris Cole, Steve Beik, Thomas Robinson are insecure First Night Nerves on Day 2 of the routine second half Missions Week.

The Target is 100,000 persisting from Angel Partner Week. God TV’s total Partners are only 16,500. God TV only managed to get 2,500 approx (figure off top of head but it’s not good as you might expect). God TV extended the Angel Partner Week over what has become the usual 2 month period and the gain has only been 2,500 give or take; instead of the 100,000 they are ‘in faith’ for.

The Staff tried to set up competitions to ‘get America going’ and other Countries but especially the USA as it has the capacity to ‘instantly’ solve God TV’s financial problems and bring them into stability. The inter-country Competitions a device to get ‘love’ to do something (Chris Cole). failed to get a response beyond a few that they told us about; figures so low that if things continue, then God TV might be forced to adopt its hated 2 month Campaigns.

The banks of operators barely have a call but the operators are made to look busy?

America is not coming to the rescue, and the UK has now being relegated to secondary status.

Rory Alec wants to run the Missions Week for a WEEK but Rory Alec by his own admission stated that the extended period allowed viewers to get on board for their campaigns.

One strange device: God TV has covered the nations in white pins in a vain attempt to change them from white to red but the viewers super slow response has meant that this Missions Week is ”the slowest Missions Week ever” to quote Rory Alec.

NEWSFLASH: Make prophetic history!God TV emails it’s viewers(about 130,000 who recieve email that is)in a last ditch attempt to save failing MW ‘Million Tree’ £12.5m full income project




















Make Prophetic History… TODAY!


It has NEVER been done before… It can NEVER be done again… Some say we CANNOT DO THIS TODAY… (addresssed to the Critics who think Rory Alec is off his rocker)


What, you may ask?


The GOD TV FAMILY WORLDWIDE PLANTING 1 MILLION TREES on the 60th anniversary of the miraculous rebirth of Israel!



(really haven’t you read the news about repossessions, higher suicidal ideations, companies going bust that is big ones where is your sensitivity god TV)

























How? By the GLOBAL BODY committing to gift 500,000 trees by midnight on Nov 30 – AS AN OFFERING TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER! (500,000 global viewership, 100,000 ++ about over a fifth of MW email Participants/proposed or thinking of it)


Such a bold action has NEVER been done before… But WE as the GOD TV family have been challenged by the HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL to make a dramatic prophetic statement of action THIS YEAR – to bless the land and BE A BLESSING to God’s nation and His people… (NO it hasn’t. such a Publicity stunt has never been accomplished before in God TV’s failing attempt to use Israel to recreate the now lost 55,000 prayer requests and photos lining the Broadcast centre in haste, stupid haste, which will condemm and remind them of THE LACK OF RESPONSE FROM VIEWERS)



WHY?  Because in the next 10 years we, who will DARE TO RISE to this challenge… God intends to bless OUR Land, to bless OUR people… because we dared to bless Israel, because we obeyed the leading of the Lord. (really? if i want a tree, there are plenty of charities to help with proper gardners, acreage etc,in Israel if I like too, waste of time if I give monies for God TV’s Forestation Project which is more likely to be a rotting mess than a proud environmental let alone symbolic project)


Click here today to plant YOUR tree.  And please forward this e-mail to your friends.  Don’t let anyone you love miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to BE BLESSED and to BE A BLESSING! (opportunity to BAIL GOD TV ONCE AGAIN, TO UNDERGIRD THEIR FECKLESSNESS, TO BE DENIED NORMAL FINANCIAL GOALS FOR MINISTRY AND CHURCH, MUST POST UP GOOD EXAMPLES TO ENCOURAGE CHURCH DARE SAY ‘BODY OF CHRIST’ !!!! (if God legally validates this and I hope he will)


Saints, the time is NOW.  In the next 7 days, we will make PROPHETIC HISTORY – JOIN US TODAY!

 ( our finances are dire HELP US OUT, we have overspent money we dont have to listen to the ‘lord’ (was it the LORD or your overactive imagination seeking self aggrandisment)

Yours in His Love,

 (probably Rory Alec who has penned this insane emails)















NEWSFLASH God TV wanted £12.5m in Spring this year and Million Trees Campaign!!

 NEWSFLASH:God TV called for $6m at the beginning of the year Spring 2008 where they wanted the full Annaul Fund of £12.5m!!!!



What is it about God TV  that they would remind us the watching Blogging Community that they needed bailing out when God TV launched it’s emergency $6m £3m MW Campaign?’ The Battle for the Airwaves’WHEN THEY ALSO NEEDED £12.5M IN THE ANNUAL ACCOUNT Have God TV truly lost it or do they wish to remind us that indeed the whole sum came in plus and they are still on air? Or that they failed to report off the record expenses such as overdue Satellite fees? Or that we can delight in seeing a sombre looking Rory Alec in black (appropriately) at a time when, if I recall the Alecs got their Night of the Living Dead Directors to dress up in colourful fashion? Munsey with his predictable Jewish Calender Theology, God TV with their bail out. They forget that MW blogging has been copied by other blogs thankfully and that the blogging community is far more aware of their financial situation than they would wish.

 I am not really taking an arrogant position. It is just really good to see how this awareness of God TV finances has caught hold of the blogging community and that others can add to the hard slog of many years to extract the facts out of a station that conducts it’s operations undercover and in secret-including finance.

 Now it seems with the ‘Million Trees’ Campaign or full nine yards of £12.5m !!! this is the second time I have seen it.

Over the years I have seen God TV repeatedly operate from deficit and plead constantly for viewers to make sacrifices because they view heeding Financial Directors advice as wordly. This in itself makes God TV unsatisfying to give too as you never see target met. Supporters are denied met targets and pastorally and ministerially sensitive financial treatment of viewers.

 I know of Ministries who are sustained because they adopt godly sensitive pastoral modus operandi to issue of finance.

 Readers need to study ministries and churches even TV stations like TBN who has a £300m budget and Daystar who at least run their ministries on sound financial and ministry basis.