Dodgy Revival Alert Wendy Alec (adultery, affairs) will appear with Benny Hinn (adultery affair remarried wife) to do the 3 x yearly Missons Week Revival Alert

Get this at next Weeks Revival Alert or so The Young Turks inform us we have Wendy Alec (serial adulteress see  SERIOUS comments on Whistleblower Post) with  Benny Hinn ( private jet Dove One with  prescription drug addicted  adulterous wife idivorced him now they are remarried) campaigning for the Revival Prayer Centre where adulterous Todd bentley who abandoned his disabled wife for some young  Jessa Bentley flesh to come and wreak multiple devastations on the gullible Christian non Christian publics.

Go back to Whistleblowers  Post and you will find work has stopped. There isn’t enough money to do proper strutural surveys on the Gaumont so viewers who have visited have not only incurred severe unwarranted laundry and  bathing costs but have risked their lives to consecrate a non legally existing RPC.

We need some Lawyers round here those who are legally curious enough to make a rudimentary assessment of what the legal situation might be.

It all adds up. Next Week should be absolute comedy.



#tortdefamationslander de facto modus operandi misrepresenting the Church

#assaultandbattery todd bentley #adultery Jessa Bentley

#pervertingthecourseofjustic Morningstar ministries so assaulted stage four cancer patients are denied legal redresss.

Non compliance little compliance with the regulators

#humanrightsviolations Bedouin tribes on  land god tv has decided for its million tree #forestofhate israel

#employmentlawoffences non payment of due wages




One thought on “Dodgy Revival Alert Wendy Alec (adultery, affairs) will appear with Benny Hinn (adultery affair remarried wife) to do the 3 x yearly Missons Week Revival Alert

  1. There is an overwhelming problem with GOD TV: No it’s hot Alec Stevens cheating on Wendy, it’s whether or not Wendy was having it off with a members staff or not, & it’s not even what they spend on their possibly extravagant lifestyles. It’s much more fundamental than that.

    As a broadcasting channel claiming to be the broad stream on evangelical teaching their output in incoherent.

    Consider this; their videos ranges from the utterly discredited guys who believe hitting people will drive out their cancers, support for disgusting Zionist evictions of innocent Arabs who have the misfortune of living inside Israel, creepy home-spun, fireside American Bible Study “experts”, crooked Prosperity thumpers, weird folks who have “seen heaven” and even the totally off-the-wall Sid Roth. There is almost nothing in common between these videos and the examples are in fact even more extreme.

    What could they have in common?

    Doctrinally, almost nothing, so there must be something else. Perhaps these random videos are chosen on different criteria. Not knowing who is paying whom in this allegedly charitable (& tax exempt) machine, perhaps the criteria for selection are really about cash-flow. Does G-T pay for the videos, do the owners of the videos pay G-T to air them.,

    It smells a bit like the Tesco supermarkets where suppliers of products have to pay the supermarket to put the products on the shelf. If it isn’t driven by cash-flow, it would interesting to know how this apparently random and often contradictory selection of twaddle is chosen

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