NEWSFLASH! God TV plans to use upcoming Pastors Tour as an unofficial Missions Week Part III!!!!

You are not going to believe it! Rory and Wendy Alec plan to give Church Leaders and their wives FREE ISRAEL HOLIDAYS but with one proviso; THEY PAY/DONATE $10,000, or £5000 which if I am right is quite a hefty amount given the size of Churches in the Uk. (US Churches might manage it but even the US is affected by the Credit Crunch).

Those of us with our brains still on should have cottoned on to the fact that between the expected October/September MW (MW = 2 months that is or 4 months of the year 25% of their time!!) if indeed we got it at all that the Pastors Tour/free holiday is a ruse for a new reinvention of MW. Fellowshipping will be on their mind the way Sales people butter up their prospects, but it all ends up with the Crunch with 1000 being the number wanted to raise I estimate £6m or $12m (I need to check calculation but the amount is a problem solving for God TV).

So folks MW via the back end!

Now this is online this will go round the web and the whole God TV watching blogosphere will have caught on.

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God TV officially confirms $45-50m (£25m) in a rather more candid BTS and that they are in trouble ‘like other Ministries and Churches’

Rory and wendy Alec in a surprise move, adopt a more sober tone in the face of being forced to suffer cutbacks when the full $5m (£3.5m) fails to come in.

How they omit such a crucial load of facts is beyond me but the failed MW (in terms of BANKED AMOUNT) proves that whilst God TV Fans came up with a Ministry saving Pledged amount £4.5m, when push comes to shove, it was the Banked amount that was effectively the final vote.

God TV after attempting to eliminate mine and other Bloggers memories of MW are now running an Ad with words to the effect that ‘churches and ministries are in trouble’ and that strangely for the first time’ GOD TV IS RUN WITH TOUGH TIMES IN MIND not economic growth.

I have also discovered that God TV is not repeating MW coverage much? because of the embarasssment factor. MW seems to bring out things in them they would rather we don’t see. However devoted watchers who know how to spot the gaffes, honesties etc are in for a treat, provided you are armed with notebooks galore. This is a skill I have developed over the years hence the degree of skepticism I have with any God TV Initiative and ANY thing coming from their polluted hearts. Their hearts are the problems behind the numerous difficulties being inflicted on the Church which they hate with a passion. Like hiding their activities, and true agendas, like lack of transparency, lack of accountability, lack of concern for little irritating viewer with mundane concerns, fudging scandals like Raze Scandal which Andy Hawthorne Director of Message of Schools swept under the carpet, making difficulties with music taking out aggression in music, health and safety concerns with X istence young people who are made to go into places where their safety is compromised whilst Chip K is in the Park and Musicians are filmed backstage. I could go on.

The Kansas City Prophets, NAR,ICA, 7 Mountains Mandate are more indicative of God TV activities and Mark Goodge who is their Internet Policeman meaning us Net nerds are deprived of our rights under Human Rights Provisioning Legislation.

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Wendy Alec weeps on MW about the lack of funding for Pro grammes on Spring Missions Week where God TV failed to meet its target by £1m plus

nother first, another coup for the Blog.
When God TV did its Fundraising for Wendy Alec’s Programmes longings WENDY ALEC CRIED ON THE LIVE BROADCAST.
This was not shown on the Repeats which have been Preacher Re-Runs instead of or at best the minimal attention paid to Rory and Wendy interaction with Guest Preachers Directors, the Audience, which is 500,000 with 130,000 on the Mailing List. (One can feign interest to get on it and even send a donation they are none the wiser unless they try to vet the Mailing List!!)

The programming which Wendy Alec is in charge of is always the one part of the Budget to get cuts. Wendy Alec is quick to point that out. If you look at the Programmes over about a year and a half you will notice the same Programmes being repeated endlessly bar a bit of live programming which is NEVER PERSONAL PRESENTER PRESENCE OF RORY AND WENDY ALEC (unless they want money or book sales etc) but also impersonal globally percieved ‘live’ (This follows hard on the heels of Revelation TV’s success at winning a loyal audience by LIVE In House  programming ) I reckon if you watch for a year and a half plus Live Missions Week (boring except for the gems and gaffes) then you will have seen all God TV has to offer by way of Programmes, which predictably hail from the Elijah List, NAR, ICA and 7 Mountains Dominionist people which of course are afforded priority on the Schedules along with programmes emphasing GLOBAL GLOBAL GLOBAL, the Alecs other favourite Theme.

MISSIONS WEEK Spring 2009: GOD TV wants everyone of their 130,000 strong Mailing List to rally together to get $10 in 14 days with $5m IN THE BANK in 14 days

Day 1: Rory Alec foolishly cancels ad infinitum Missions Week planned of 8 weeks duration (humiliating considering all other Broadcasters raise funds required). which means THERE IS TWO WEEKS TO RAISE $10m for next half of year, and $5m WHICH MUST BE BANKED, (or else there will be trouble!!! but Rory Alec in light of recent contract signings of Negev Development including proposed God TV Forest (from viewer determined 500,000 trees, 338,000 in ground, no gaurantee that they will flourish or grow in variable climated Negev Desert) more later, I have needed a bit of a break from the blog so thanks for visiting.

The Night of the Living Dead are out Simone Jacobson, the new young bloke, the one that looks like Frankenstein on a bad night isn’t there (has something happened to him? has he died and they haven’t seen fit to announce it?)

Johnny Woodrow is posted at the virtually SILENT banks of display banks where the 18 operators I believe, frantically look as though they are hard at work, despite of the apparent silence of the phones (evidently if you have a charity the supporters have perfect right to pull the rug as much as pay what is required but God TV has not heard of that),

They are all poised with red pins with they are intending to fix onto not ONE but FOUR MAPS to inflate the figures and make them look good as Rick Joyner Morning Star wall to wall American accents and preachers is very much a Minority pastime for the hardcore devoted.

Rory Alec is at pains to tell us he needs EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU 130,00 the Mailing List or 30,000-50,000 the ACTUAL ESTIMATED ACTUAL PARTICIPATION RATE of God TV viewers which outnumber the Participants.

(God Tv wants entire  shebang  of 500,00 global viewers to respond (claim is 437m viewers which is factous, innacurate and unsubstantiated Nielson would know figures such as this and Broadcast Multiplexes hosting these Channels).

Rory Alec wants  a THREE FOLD CORD THAT CANNOT BE BROKEN, AN UNBREAKABLE ‘AGREEMENT’ A CONTRACT, A COVENANT THAT IS INESCAPABLE AND IRREVERSIBLE which is not possible if you are to have free will with regard to God TV and it’s many nefarious hidden secret activities.

So what do we get? What do we have to look forward too and where are the warnings?

Well, ACCUSATIONS AGAINST THE SO-CALLED FLAKEY CHURCH WILL RUN RIOT, the Church especially in UK will be accused of unbiblical behaviour (Joyner de facto accuses routinely the Church of all manners of things). Rory Alec will come armed with a Bible (Dakes the discredited version) and hurl it at the Church, especially as regards responsibilities to GOD TV LOST and GOD TV SOCIAL CONCERNS which will be addressed as GLOBAL concerns as though the Church was not aware of them (they just need to be in hands of those who can run Charities properly, prudently etc so needs could be met)..


Viewers holding their ground, taking piss etc (Dawkins and his lot watch God TV) are gonna have a hard time against such an onslaught but if they [the Supporters and Fans] take a stand they should dictate to God TV the conditons of their donation. (stand on head, say joyner is a dismantling church interfering dickheard and mark goodge is the god tv net policeman policing the net for anti god tv cross rhythms etc sentinment).. fantasy, viewers just need to stand strong and expect God Tv to up the ante in behaviour remotely appropriate to respectful good budgetry behaviour on behalf of god tv.


We could see live pleadings prayers, rory alec denying he is crying etc. Always look between the lines for the gaffes and lines because they do come.

Day 2 Wednesday Day 1 on repeat as LIVE but in typical God TV style AN AUTORUN and ON ENDLESS REPEATS of LIVE FOOTAGE.

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NEWSFLASH: God TV revives Million Trees in Negev Desert Campaign after only recieving 3/5ths of the Pledge Fulfillments

God TV in an unexpected move has re-instated the Million Trees Project destined for the Negev and other parts of Israel; in a move to claim unfulfilled Pledges totalling 200,000 as a sum of £5m raised resulting in a dramatic burial in the Negev Desert.

As if that wasn’t enough, they are now working with the Negev Major to develop the land-but those of us in the know,know that God TV’s Financial History will only mean another lot of unpaid suppliers, wages and Rory Alec’s normal hyperbole.

So as we know Missions Week has been set for March 17th with NO END DATE STATED ON GOD TV. This is because last year as the Credit Crunch took shape GOD TV TOOK 8 WEEKS to raise £5m, and the sums raised means that on my current predictions, even if they had a good Missions ‘week’ then God TV is indeed performing a slow terminal cancer laden burial.


Newsflash God TV needs between $12-20m (God TV Daily Devotional)

I was listening to the God TV Devotional which as you know prays daily for God TV’s needs in the Prayer Room when I heard this: GOD TV NEEDS BETWEEN $12-20m dollars.

It is just Febraury 2009 and we are not even on Spring  Missions Week which leads me to believe that Rory and Wendy might do an early call to deal with the up till now hidden financial Crisis that they have trie d to hide beneath a viewer persuading programmes on the Endtimes and on Kingdom Finances. (Normally they increase Financial programmes towards Missions Week in order to teach viewers to give to them so this is unusaul).

God TV’s Annaul Budget is £12.5m or $36m meaning on non inflation of figures they are without a large proportion of their Budget and they might technically be bankrupt but am in denial as per usaul.

We all remember the Million Trees Appeal of last Missions Week Winter 2008, where they asked for the entire £12.5m/$36m and only got less than £5m in sterling meaning they needed they carried a deficit of £6.5m carried over to this year which means in effect a total figure of $18m deficit meaning $20m is not an unfeasible figure.

Add onto God TV’s marginal propensity to spend above their means ie not only rise above £12-16m($36m) but even stretch it, the above need would therefore not be surprising to the long term Readers of this Blog and those who follow this Blogs lead in God TV Financial Reporting.

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NEWSFLASH: God TV has actual budget according to this report in Africa of £20m imagine the overspend

I have always thought God TV lived on between £12-16m but this really takes the biscuit!

If this is truly the case then God TV almost certainly spends more than it gets in donations at 68% of budget and on a regular basis stores for itself regular trouble.

This was a serendipitous find. Enjoy!

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