God TV puts on brave face on MW Million Trees Plus Project as funds come in insuffcient to continue the £6.5m China Distribution Project

In the beginning. I was at my Mum’s who kindly let me watch MW at hers, because my PC was in repair and also my Laptop being replaced meaning I have been unable to supply usaul analysis that drives traffic to this blog. All it took was ONE 2 hour slot for me to gauge the state of God TV Finances and the strategy give or take God TV was adopting.

As we all know by now God TV WANTS A FULL YEARS INCOME OF £12.5M or $25,0000 in US dollars, which would suggest the LAKELAND FACTOR which is not being mentioned is being accounted for in the figures eg the previously suggested figure of $6m or £3m which in God TV terms is a pretty hefty sum to be throwing away at a well broadcast public Scandal which God TV are doing their level best to recover from.

Roy Fields the God TV Lakeland Ambassodor has been in UK on secret visits for TWO MONTHS to be under the radar of the skeptical watching Blogging community, which as you know for which God TV has adopted a Web Counter Strategy in order to counter the force and effectiveness of the Blogs.

Hawaii Bahamas Myles Munroe has NOT been mentioned. Knowing Rory Alec it is being discussed despite of the obvious lack of funds even to sustain the much vaunted proposed China distribution.

Rory and Wendy who were LIVE for the oh so key God TV Pre-Election Special ( I should add for our british English viewers that similar attentions are NOT paid to the UK elections scene although later I have discovered God TV has a carefully thought out and sectarian political strategy_ CAME OUT IMPROMPTU TO PLEAD FOR FUNDS AT THE UNEARTHLY HOUR OF ABOUT 2PM FOR ABOUT AN HOUR JUST AS THEY WERE; NERVOUS, UNCERTAIN, BRAGGING, UNCOVERED UNEDITED.(nothing goes out on the Channel without furious editing and re-editing which nerds like me spot and disregard). I saw it. the Call Centre was live as were the Night of the Living Dead and Johnny Woodrow. What stopped the broadcast going on for any length of time was that GOD TV WAS LIMITED BY THEIR SATELLITE PROVIDER AS TO THE TIME THEY COULD DEVOTE TO THE EXERCISE.

So now we have only £1m per week coming in when it needs to be £3m to reach entire sum. I estimated that only £1000 per operator is coming in with a bank of 200 operators which means that whilst we see them fidding at the keyboard THEY MUST BE TOLD TO LOOK BUSY EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT. God TV mistakenly showed a phone ringing and print out rehearsal with all the trimmings which they hastily withdrew. (mistakes are so nice!). I don’t know if you have noticed but  THE PHONES ARE NOT RINGING because they keep showing the same Day 1-5 roster of preachers and old stuff with phones being busy rather than consecutive days of this October -November EIGHT WEEK Missions ‘Week’ than look bad with silent desks. Any canny viewer can use his or her ears to hear the lack of phones. ANYONE.

Rory Alec is pushing Wealth Transfer as prefered method of extracting funds. £4.5m is a good sum if God TV were to live on £8-9m per annum instead of the £12-16m they really spend, more if they can get away with it given Rory Alecs marginal propensity to spend money he definitely has not in the Charity Bank Account.

  1. No Reservoir Cost £1.5-2m in place in the NGedi desert with prepared grounds ready for trees so 315,000 trees might as well, if brought immediately, end up rotting in a pile with some token symbolism of viewers trees at God tV convenience.
  2. Hawaii not mentioned give or take £100,000 per distribution.
  3. Angel Mission Projects which Alecs want to get funds from elsewhere taking away the character of Angel Mission run by the long suffering but not in charge john bongiono (american) because Rory alec in fact sets the agenda regardless of the funds or rather lack of them. meaning needy africans are likely in all probability to go without because they dared to trust the ones’ like the Alecs.
  4. Israel Broadcast Centre cost £1.5m raised £400,000 not mentioned. Second Appeal for Centre did not go as Alecs wanted.
  5. The Reservoir has not been factored into their financial arithmetic because they are too busy raising monies to cover Bentley Lakeland Scandal of which they are defensive and NOT apologetic.
  6. China £6.5m current update of £4.5m does not even cover China.

Rory alec spoke of ‘half a million trees. which is £6m which is more achievable but even if £6m raised they are in dangerous financial trouble and if you noticed LEAKAGE NATIONS ARE NOW BEING SOLICITED FOR FUNDS WITHOUT AN OFFICE BEING IN PLACE AND THOMAS ROBINSON IS IN CHARGE OF  A WIDER AREA ARABIA NOT JUST SOUTH EAST ASIA. Rory alec is claiming Scriptural fulfillment in the use of Isiash 45:17 verse may be wrong. Rory alec makes claims he is not fit to justify.

So my reckoning so far is monies were coming in at about £200,000 per day give or take, which has halved to £100,000 per day. This is in the space of a single Missions week.

It might interest you to know that God tV also wishes to plant the largest forest in Israel. Are they gonna get volunteer gardeners or are the multi tasking teams gonna learn tree planting and coppicing in addition to their other many skills???!!!  579 words

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