Newsflash: Wendy Alec begs for money on Facebook page as undisclosed deal with God TV under Ward Simpson leaves her penniless.

Where is the money going that is been given to God TV? Why the 18 closed accounts?


God TV wants more money in January not April 2016 accounting year.

Take a look at this for proof that  God TV is stealing money from it’s viewers that is not getting invested into false and error prone  prophetic ministry.

Really delve down. You will notice that Rory Alec is [also] in the UK?

That God tV started many companies that have gone bankrupt.

please use this to NOT give money to God TV and to see the rug pulled under their feet.

God TV rewrites History once again by completely writing out Rory Alec’s part of the Story

accessed Monday 17 June 2015
Wendy Alec is a prolific writer (Midas PR London couldn’t do anything with the GodTV  Brief!!)and award-winning TV producer (Christian Broadcasting Council is headed up by their mates Chris Cole of Cross Rhythms)who heads up the global( 500k global viewers NOT GLOBAL!) GOD TV network. Wendy was born in London and grew up in South Africa. She trained in Speech & Drama and worked in the advertising / TV production industries in Johannesburg, first as a copywriter, then as a Creative Director. Wendy returned to the UK in 1991 where she co-founded GOD TV in 1995, Europe’s first daily Christian television network, which has grown rapidly over the past 20 years, now with a broadcast reach of 951 million viewers.(WENDY ALEC IS A DELUSIONAL FANTASTIST ANYONE WHO READS HER BOOKS AND THEY ARE UNREADABLE WILL SEE THAT SHE IS NOT A WRITER AND NEVER WELL BE)

As the GOD TV’s Head of Programming, Creative Director and a television host, Wendy’s objective has always been to make Christian television relevant to the unchurched and to reach a younger demographic of viewers. As GOD TV’s Executive Producer she has won several awards from the Christian Broadcasting Council of the UK. In 2014 she became the network’s President and continues to lead GOD TV from its broadcast headquarters in Jerusalem.(CHRIS COLE ON THE CHRISTIAN BROADCASTING COUNCIL ONLY TOO GLAD TO GIVE HIS MATE AN AWARD OR TWO NOT FROM EXTERNAL CHRISTIAN BODIES EXPOSED FIRST ON THIS BLOG!)

Wendy is also the Director of WarBoys Entertainment.(NO PUBLISHERS WOULD PUBLISH HER SO CALLED SERIES  OF NOVELS WHICH ARE SO BAD AS TO BE UNREADABLE MY WORST BLOG POST BEATS HER ANYDAY) She was coached in screenplay writing by Hollywood professionals( NO HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER OR ANY UNIVERSITY ACADEMIC WOULD TOUCH HER WITH A BARGEPOLE) and has several screenplays in development. She is the best-selling author of the epic fantasy saga, Chronicles of Brothers. The first four books in the series: The Fall of Lucifer; Messiah – The Final Judgment; Son of Perdition; and A Pale Horse have been published and other titles are in the pipeline. Wendy has also written the Journal of the Unknown Prophet and Visions From Heaven.(GOD TV  HAS LOTS OF SPAMMED REVIEWS BY FRIENDS OF THE MINISTRIES WHO ARE ILLITERATES)

God TV under President and Co- Founder Wendy Alec rewrite the History of the illegal unlawful RPC

God TV have realised perhaps that opening the so-called RPC to unsuspecting  Supporters is an illegal act, thanks to this Blog because I have seen how God TV has rewritten history to exclude accounts of holding Missions Weeks from within the  Centre.

The RPC is in its unrefurbished state is dangerous yet God TV were willing to sacrifice the wellbeing of their Staff, Leadership Team and  200 Viewers to satisfy their ego that they indeed had the Centre to call their own despite of holding Missions Weeks there that were obviously out of order.

God TV need to be held to account by viewers, ex Staff Team indeed anyone. Them re-writing their History is a dangerous sign that they are NOT to be trusted.

Will the Unpaid Suppliers of God TV please talk to Lucas and I in private via email in complete confidentiality

Will the numerous Unpaid Suppliers of God TV please come forward and spill the beans on God TV financial behaviours.

Eg Building  Contractors, Israel Broadcast Centre Suppliers,  Office  Suppliers, Hired out Cameramen,  Catering Suppliers. Specialist Broadcast Contractors, Lawyers!!!! Landlords,  you must be legion!!
We all know now that God TV is run by a load of unrepentant unreformed Bankrupts who see no need to change their behaviour who spout superspiritual rubbish to justify asking exhorbitant sums from their viewer claiming that it is GOD who tells them to donate sums of xx£$ rather than the manipulative  Staff at God TV.

So come forward contact Lucas Labrador X or and copy me me.



God TV Staff are subjected to gagging Clauses and now to extra payments to shut them up God TV is threatened by my whistleblowing page on my blog

Wendy livese in the Luxury Hotel King David hotel Jerusalem Hotel

, Salary Levels US$150,000 per annum plus Expenses

What does Wendy Alec earn? plus expenses at least ,£150,000 plus Expenses?

Wendy Alec now lives in luxury house in Israel. Lucas Labrador X reports. Where abouts is her house? We need House Cost, Rental, Buy, any idea of her movements would be appreciated.

Whistleblowers Unpaid Suppliers, Hotel Chambermaids please spill via Lucas or I

.Web Developers for God TV who have been fired please spill!! you are safe here, we have journalists researching into God TV and your stories would be invaluable.

What are the constraints being put on their new Financial Officer Tanya Swanapoel?

God TV run Warboys publishing director Rory Alec director.  Normal Publishing Companies wouldn’t touch her book/s with a bargepole. Midas PR could do nothing for her book which would have had them in hysterics as well as stain the name of the Lord.

Lucas tells us that  the Sunderland staff have  all made redundant.

They hire and fire company with nasty spiteful directors.

God TV Staff threatening emails, Benny Hinn seeing  Lucas Labrador videos because Benny Hinn is vulnerable.  Hinn owes a private plane Dove One, has a

$10m house on a beach, is a well known  False Prophet, has been never known to keep to a budget very God TV friendly and former employee Johnny Woodrow has joined the Staff.

Steve Beilk  General Counsel  I have to ask questions as to how God TV has complied with its legal obligations or not as the case may be. But that is for  further consideration. I guess not despite him being a Lawyer. Goss on him would be good too.




#GodTVinMeltdown #GodTVinCrisis from an anon Whistleblower today

Top members of staff are leaving who actually did the work. The Web development team have left in droves, the final member leaves this week. There is massive internal turmoil. Anyone who can get out is getting out. The rest are hopeful of a payoff if they do not file for bankruptcy first. Only the core fools will remain as they do not see themselves as the problem which is where the problems are. The large ex government building in plymouth will be a ghost town. Watch it all go downhill from this date.


An appeal to the Plymouth employees of G-TV.

You good folks must know the truth – come back here, anonymously and give us some answers, please.
I made some comments about the irrelevance of the material that G-TV was squirting out over the Christmas season. Nobody responded.
Over this last week (it’s now 13 Jan ’15) we have seen some pretty shocking happenings in Paris. I won’t debate the aspects of the tragedy here but why isn’t G-TV discussing it?

Why are the pretend-anointed that run G-TV coming on air and discussing these events and having an opinion about how Christians should react.

I have a theory – they couldn’t, even if they wanted to or if they had an opinion worth listening to, because the juke-box of US-sourced rubbish is driven by the money stream. Same old crooks & crazies – an apparent random selection with no relevance to the day’s events.

Where is Wendy Stevens? Holed up in Israel, enjoying commissions from Israeli travel agencies arising from the tour company she appears to be running and totally out of touch with these current events.

Whether it’s the celebration of Christ’s birth or the terrible clashes in France – ignore it all, keep turning the handle on the juke-box that plays the daft, irrelevant foreign (that is US) twaddle.

Keep going Wendy, it’s nearly as rubbish as MTV!