Will the Unpaid Suppliers of God TV please talk to Lucas and I in private via email in complete confidentiality

Will the numerous Unpaid Suppliers of God TV please come forward and spill the beans on God TV financial behaviours.

Eg Building  Contractors, Israel Broadcast Centre Suppliers,  Office  Suppliers, Hired out Cameramen,  Catering Suppliers. Specialist Broadcast Contractors, Lawyers!!!! Landlords,  you must be legion!!
We all know now that God TV is run by a load of unrepentant unreformed Bankrupts who see no need to change their behaviour who spout superspiritual rubbish to justify asking exhorbitant sums from their viewer claiming that it is GOD who tells them to donate sums of xx£$ rather than the manipulative  Staff at God TV.

So come forward contact Lucas Labrador X or and copy me me.



I am working a post on the lines that the proposed consecration Service plus Vision weekend might be unlawful

quick one I am in the process of researching post that is on lines that God TV may be in breach of health and safety at work plus other regulations in driving forward their desire for 2500 people to attend their consecration service Long weekend.


One of the perks of enduring the endless bore that is Missions Week aka Two Month Fundraising Period is that one catches gems like this: God TV’s Budget has gone up from doubling from £12.5m to £25m to an astonishing and mindnumbing £36m.

What are they doing? Rory Alec gathers Projects like one possessed. God TV has a vision for ”thousands of Churches” in the African region linked to the de facto Water well, assuming they hit sufficient water to justify Water Vats and that the Government hasn’t abandoned the Region due to geophysical factors (LSE public lecture on Geophycists or other University Channel).

God TV has not provided costings of the latest brainswaves such as the Archeologists one in Negev, Million Trees in Israel, costs of groundwork etc and actual breakdown of cost of Tree Donations. Nor cost of errecting a Church building as well as build Clinics, etc, in effect central infrastructure in an african Village; so one is having to estimate costs on visual appearance and imagined scales ie rough shell composed of red bricks and standard corrugated tin roof.

God TV also does not show us WHO ELSE is bearing the load. ‘Friends’? Suppliers, Ministries they are working with to share the cost in Transmitter builds and how much bullying they did to get Crown House a multi Company building to change it to ‘Angel House’ after God TV i’ts struggling failing nemesis. ( I imagine bloods is boiling at the aforementioned place anyone there spill the beans!)

Bloggers watching God TV and it’s Pals JOYNER , NAR, ICA, 7 Mountains* need to factor in God TV into their analysis and do a lot of the work in estimation etc.

In lieu of these astounding figure and the 2 yearly Financial Crises of the Ministry. Which Financial Crisis will finally kill them?

GOD TV wants to have a budget like that of Daystar and TBN. God TV hates being the poor boy of Christian Broadcasting and is seeking to up budget  big bit by big bit so they are no longer shamed by being the size of Daystars £12m Charity Budget.

Pictures from Missions Week Autumn/Winter 2009

God TV Directors imagining percentages on Regional Targets Wall

God TV Directors imagining percentages on Regional Targets Wall

God TV Directors Chris Cole and Founder Rory Alec, Chris Cole ( UK Director) imagine the White Plastic grooved Regional Targets Wall turning into Navy Blue.

God TV Directors pray for the US Cities to become 'God TV Cities' in the USA

God TV Directors pray for the US Cities to become 'God TV Cities' in the USA

God TV Directors pray for ALL US Cities to become ‘God TV Cities’ simply doing what TBN is doing which is the largest Christian TV Station in the world.

The Altar, a routine item is changed into an Evangelistic Altar to boost Print outs and give additional boost to Week

The Altar, a routine item is changed into an Evangelistic Altar to boost Print outs and give additional boost to Week

God TV employs Jerusalem Prayer Campaign tactics to get Prayer Requests for lost loved ones, to boost Printouts in the Altar Room which previously was employed as a visaul metaphor for the Vault eg Satan (or Christians in other words as meanings are interchangable) has/ is keeping Ministry from raising funds.

Chris Cole UK Director claims White Wall is a Blue Wall eg 10,000 Families come in (on standing order that is ) in a Word of Faith prayer

Chris Cole UK Director claims White Wall is a Blue Wall eg 10,000 Families come in (on standing order that is ) in a Word of Faith prayer

A few pictures from second Half Missions Week which conveniently syncs with Rosh Hannah so God TV can bring New Beginnings into Ministry as well as viewers lives; this is supposed to make viewers think ‘this is a new thing’ not ‘oh no not the same old repetitive junk’ over and over again.n It is a device to fire up ‘Recession Proof Seed’ which Unemployment (Highest level for 14 years UK) slow weak Bank Lending ( not fast enough to prevent Businesses from going to the wall) and Ministries (paula white in foreclosure, scandals in Word of Faith ministries, Oral Roberts University Scandal, Joyner Scandals, Raze scandal buried by Message to Schools) and somehow breathe life into a Missions Week Fundraising Period of a hated Two Months into some sort of life, even if total fundraising this year has taken 6 months of this year 2009, and other devices are employed to raise funds (Pastors Israel Tour$ 10,000 requested donation or £6m) the Million Trees Project the trees cost $1 and God TV is offering a Tree plant on Latest Monthly Offer, average £6m; given that the budget has quietly soared to a new high of £36m from it’s previous high of £25m.

God TV have also been unapologetic over the Todd Bentley scandal and his scandelous ‘Restoration’ which has caused viewing figures to be no more than approximately 10,000 or more per week. Some high ranked websites are getting more hits.

On the back of extensive blogging God TV are planning a BTS on their move to Kansas to the 15 room Mansion in Linwood

Unusually it wasn’t me who broke the story but endtimes prophetic words who mines my blog for data on God TV anyway. The Blogging community caught up and suddenly it is all over the net.

God TV’s email states (sent 6 hours ago today 11th June 2009) that Rory and Wendy Alec plan to do a BTS on the above topic.

So what can we expect from Mssrs Rory and Wendy Stephen pardon me Alec their stage names?

Well, superspiritual explanations for a home in UK AND USA, Bible verses from Word Faith demagogues like Mike Murdock and Nassir Sadiki will abound and of course plenty of spin about how God called them to get a Mansion (just like their good friend Benny Hinn).

Well according to local accounts it is a house with a bit of History which of course Rory and Wendy will add too in their own inmimitable style no doubt hosting gigs in their 11 acre Garden, holding meetings of the Elite Circle of Key People instrumental to their campaign to both tell the Church and the World what to do. I am of the opinion that one must use one’s imagination to imagine all sorts of things on the ground AND GET LOCAL GOSSIP RELIABLE AND AUTHORATIVE about WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING ON THE GROUND FROM STAFF HIRE TO GOINGS ON.

All in all with the advent of the  Linwood Mansion and the Cornwall House plus any number of presumed boltholes. It presumes all God TV Watchers watch events closely and also call God TV to account and demand Salary details, Account details and other materials that Supporters and Detracters have a right to read.

God TV faces an imminent crisis as £3.5m or $5m does not come in on time despite £4.2m pledged

It looks like God TV is approaching an imminent crisis as a Missions Week which has contrary to Rory Alec’s reports in real terms has taken TWO MONTHS for any funds of any substance to come in.

This has happened of course on top of God TV taking on a whole new set of [expensive] roles: that of Archaeologist of a Byzantine Church in the Negev (God TV branding and God TV logos planned of course for this thoroughly commercial proposed ‘God TV’ Forest, Developer of the Negev (!!) which as you know as variable microclimates and low rainfall, Pro-Zionist presence in Jerusalem (the bigger the better!” The Recognition Centre in Jerusalem hills,(expensive), The proposed MILLION TREE God TV Forrest, Church planter (Angel Mission BTS with John Bongiono who is under his thumb) Development Aid (Africa, Zimbabwe) plus alledgely commissioning Conferences etc (God TV Advertorial) that actually are the others and done by other Ministries with God TV just filming.

All this is gonna take money and lots of it. According to Ashimolowo on MW at Kenya GOD TV’S ACTUAL BUDGET IS BETWEEN $40-50M or £25 (!!!) which God TV has NOT acknowledged astoundingly in this Missions Week as usually they are quick to tell us how much they require and by when.

So I believe in Jesus Name that God TV is facing imminent crisis. Missions Week is broken. They are now unable to raise funds in week as other more successful Ministries do ie TBN and Daystar and now it is a tedious TWO MONTH EXERCISE meaning it takes FOUR MONTHS to raise the monies or not as the case maybe.

The revived Million Trees Project has bypassed and ignored ACTUAL viewer response of 335,000 trees in favour of 500,000 trees and above all the title MILLION TREES which would give them a major physical presence in Israel something they are very keen to establish ie with a state of the art Broadcast Centre the 6th floor, the proposed Recognition Centre in the Jerusalem Hills (very costly real estate) the Million Tree Forest plan and the Byzantine Church ancient site plus developing the Negev!!

Are you thinking they have bitten off more than they can chew? or that the likely closure of God TV will result in extreme embarrassment re the Israeli Government as the Bankers and unpaid Satellite Providers ( I guess a whole YEARS satellite fees have not been paid and now its pay time) and God TV end up in disgrace.


MISSIONS WEEK Spring 2009: GOD TV wants everyone of their 130,000 strong Mailing List to rally together to get $10 in 14 days with $5m IN THE BANK in 14 days

Day 1: Rory Alec foolishly cancels ad infinitum Missions Week planned of 8 weeks duration (humiliating considering all other Broadcasters raise funds required). which means THERE IS TWO WEEKS TO RAISE $10m for next half of year, and $5m WHICH MUST BE BANKED, (or else there will be trouble!!! but Rory Alec in light of recent contract signings of Negev Development including proposed God TV Forest (from viewer determined 500,000 trees, 338,000 in ground, no gaurantee that they will flourish or grow in variable climated Negev Desert) more later, I have needed a bit of a break from the blog so thanks for visiting.

The Night of the Living Dead are out Simone Jacobson, the new young bloke, the one that looks like Frankenstein on a bad night isn’t there (has something happened to him? has he died and they haven’t seen fit to announce it?)

Johnny Woodrow is posted at the virtually SILENT banks of display banks where the 18 operators I believe, frantically look as though they are hard at work, despite of the apparent silence of the phones (evidently if you have a charity the supporters have perfect right to pull the rug as much as pay what is required but God TV has not heard of that),

They are all poised with red pins with they are intending to fix onto not ONE but FOUR MAPS to inflate the figures and make them look good as Rick Joyner Morning Star wall to wall American accents and preachers is very much a Minority pastime for the hardcore devoted.

Rory Alec is at pains to tell us he needs EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU 130,00 the Mailing List or 30,000-50,000 the ACTUAL ESTIMATED ACTUAL PARTICIPATION RATE of God TV viewers which outnumber the Participants.

(God Tv wants entire  shebang  of 500,00 global viewers to respond (claim is 437m viewers which is factous, innacurate and unsubstantiated Nielson would know figures such as this and Broadcast Multiplexes hosting these Channels).

Rory Alec wants  a THREE FOLD CORD THAT CANNOT BE BROKEN, AN UNBREAKABLE ‘AGREEMENT’ A CONTRACT, A COVENANT THAT IS INESCAPABLE AND IRREVERSIBLE which is not possible if you are to have free will with regard to God TV and it’s many nefarious hidden secret activities.

So what do we get? What do we have to look forward too and where are the warnings?

Well, ACCUSATIONS AGAINST THE SO-CALLED FLAKEY CHURCH WILL RUN RIOT, the Church especially in UK will be accused of unbiblical behaviour (Joyner de facto accuses routinely the Church of all manners of things). Rory Alec will come armed with a Bible (Dakes the discredited version) and hurl it at the Church, especially as regards responsibilities to GOD TV LOST and GOD TV SOCIAL CONCERNS which will be addressed as GLOBAL concerns as though the Church was not aware of them (they just need to be in hands of those who can run Charities properly, prudently etc so needs could be met)..


Viewers holding their ground, taking piss etc (Dawkins and his lot watch God TV) are gonna have a hard time against such an onslaught but if they [the Supporters and Fans] take a stand they should dictate to God TV the conditons of their donation. (stand on head, say joyner is a dismantling church interfering dickheard and mark goodge is the god tv net policeman policing the net for anti god tv cross rhythms etc sentinment).. fantasy, viewers just need to stand strong and expect God Tv to up the ante in behaviour remotely appropriate to respectful good budgetry behaviour on behalf of god tv.


We could see live pleadings prayers, rory alec denying he is crying etc. Always look between the lines for the gaffes and lines because they do come.

Day 2 Wednesday Day 1 on repeat as LIVE but in typical God TV style AN AUTORUN and ON ENDLESS REPEATS of LIVE FOOTAGE.

665 words for word count purposes lifetime and blog