NEWSFLASH God TV wanted £12.5m in Spring this year and Million Trees Campaign!!

 NEWSFLASH:God TV called for $6m at the beginning of the year Spring 2008 where they wanted the full Annaul Fund of £12.5m!!!!



What is it about God TV  that they would remind us the watching Blogging Community that they needed bailing out when God TV launched it’s emergency $6m £3m MW Campaign?’ The Battle for the Airwaves’WHEN THEY ALSO NEEDED £12.5M IN THE ANNUAL ACCOUNT Have God TV truly lost it or do they wish to remind us that indeed the whole sum came in plus and they are still on air? Or that they failed to report off the record expenses such as overdue Satellite fees? Or that we can delight in seeing a sombre looking Rory Alec in black (appropriately) at a time when, if I recall the Alecs got their Night of the Living Dead Directors to dress up in colourful fashion? Munsey with his predictable Jewish Calender Theology, God TV with their bail out. They forget that MW blogging has been copied by other blogs thankfully and that the blogging community is far more aware of their financial situation than they would wish.

 I am not really taking an arrogant position. It is just really good to see how this awareness of God TV finances has caught hold of the blogging community and that others can add to the hard slog of many years to extract the facts out of a station that conducts it’s operations undercover and in secret-including finance.

 Now it seems with the ‘Million Trees’ Campaign or full nine yards of £12.5m !!! this is the second time I have seen it.

Over the years I have seen God TV repeatedly operate from deficit and plead constantly for viewers to make sacrifices because they view heeding Financial Directors advice as wordly. This in itself makes God TV unsatisfying to give too as you never see target met. Supporters are denied met targets and pastorally and ministerially sensitive financial treatment of viewers.

 I know of Ministries who are sustained because they adopt godly sensitive pastoral modus operandi to issue of finance.

 Readers need to study ministries and churches even TV stations like TBN who has a £300m budget and Daystar who at least run their ministries on sound financial and ministry basis.




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