£700k + per week per costs of ‘revival’ multiply by duration


Lakeland so far: Thirty days of ‘awakening revival’ and only 3 days rest!

So far we have Lakeland Mark I, an overworked Todd Bentley who feels that the whole respons.
ibility for saving the world rests on him, God TV promoting it globally to all and sundry, the Media visit which we have heard noting about.
Todd using NAR ICA Morningstar Elijah List doctrines but above all and most signficantly every inch the slave of God TV and the infamous Wendy Alec alledged release of the Third Great Awakening Prophecy.
God TV is delighted as you might expect as they are expecting vindication. Thanks to an excellent analysis on Honour of Kings by an ex , a Elijah List denizen, a fine account.
We have Bentley in the Malls from 10am on with in the glory from 3-4pm in no account do we experience the Man Bentley the man who who shag his wife Jessa sensless to get rid of the tension, who admits he is winging it or that the camera avoids following the alledgedly healed punters as they are escorted by ushers of the platform.
Other observations: did you notice the chief worshipper at the front conducting the crowd? did you notice the old bearded thin chap who gets the audience to cheer? Did you notice todd is violent and insensitive in trying to push people to the floor to mimic slain in the spirit?

Also Whitfield and Wesley preached to packed crowds, but for the past thirty days the church has been half empty?
So far so bad, so far we have Lakeland Mark II as other able commentators are speculating.


‘Massacre’ at Todd Bentley Revival in Norway

‘Massacre’ at Todd Bentley Revival in Norway

This is a must read folks to see  Todd Bentley in action who decimates the faith of all who had faith in him by inviting him.

I have seen Todd push people who come on the Platform over and if they don’t go down, push them again so they are now lumbered with a burden to ‘go down’ as that what is socially expected of them from this ‘revival’.

I have heard a report on Bentley’s Hidden Tour post  Restoration at Morningstar that he got on a person old style which beggers the question, What does the Interweb know about  Bentley’s HIDDEN TOUR post  Morningstar with Rick Joyner firmly in the background?

There must be thousands of people who can potentially report on goings on good, bad and ugly.

So my real wonder is  we had Lakeland  [Scandal] I ; are we headed towards Lakeland[ Scandal] Part II???


So, Todd Bentley Is A Drunk?

No surprises here. With a 14 day non stop stint planned by God TV subject to funds, well we all know they do things with NO MONEY IN THE ACCOUNT TO PAY FOR EVENS, then  Todd is in for a hard time. His wife and children are not with him and the regime is hard which he labours under, the poor sod will implode under the pressure.  Jessa is with  him evidently, buhe is putting himself under ever increasing pressure with buses for the  sickest cases,  praying for everyone in the auditorium about 3000, Mall visits, need I go on. So far we are proceeding along exactly Lakeland lines Part I. We have to hold out to see what transpires as a result of these ‘meetings’. I have lots of thoughts but feeling comfortable with  the misnamed  The Great Awakening Healing Revival is not one of them plus the ‘revival’ costs 500k a week!!!!


I'm Speaking Truth...

Thanks to PJ Miller and his blog, we learn yet more about Todd Bentley.

Not content with being a tool of Satan deceiving the masses, or an adulterer who is leaving his wife, Todd Bentley is also a drunk (excuse me, he “drinks excessively”):

John Arnott reports excessive Drinking

There must not have been anyone down there in Lakeland, overseeing anything..sigh…


Todd has chosen to do something that is wrong according to Scripture, and his timing to announce it was equally inappropriate. Everyone is asking, “What happened?” “Why didn’t anyone see this coming?”  We are making the answers to those questions a matter of prayer, and are as shocked and saddened by what has just happened as you are. Furthermore, it has now come out that there has been some inappropriate behavior, both with excessive drinking and also with a female member of his staff.

So Bentley…

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‘Restored’ Bentley Still Punching People

Our punching Todd is back see below with his pal Rick Joyner responsible for this sham ‘restoration’.
I would have Todd in a quiet church a traditional quiet setting just being a christian guy who has a love life , and his children quietly serving the lord and living his life not this what looks like fiasco in the making that looks like being remade into Lakeland 2.0

This is the most disturbing video I have ever seen with regard to the so-called  Rick Joyner ‘Restoraton’.

It seems although kicking might be out, punching certainly isn’t and  Todd has, if you watch closely attempted to get people ‘slain [in the Spirit’] by trying to get them to go down as they are supposed to do.

The kids are now taking the place of Shonnah in terms of abandonment because God TV prioritises Minstry above Family and even Social Needs.

Todd Bentley is becoming manically workaholic in his taking on more and more work in his effort to save the world to his great harm.

We have a WEEK on the trot with work before Service Duty and presumed after in praying for every individual in the auditorium PLUS COACHES, plus Malls, plus these claims that this is worldwide and will go global thanks to God TV.

Current cost per week ate 500k meaning each additional week costs £500k with God TV planning ideally to go onto at least 86 days meaning £4m + in financial Liabilities.  As God TV are working on getting Union Street projected financial liabilities are £5m,  God TV will add considerably to their £42m budget already substantially in deficit, IN THE RED, or ‘in faith’ as God TV likes to call it.

Wolf Tracks

Todd Bentley: “The Lord told me, and remember I didn’t know he had a broken sternum or broken ribs, the Lord said I want you to punch him in the sternum as hard as you can, and I’m thinkin’ to myself, you know, you know, restoration, Rick’s here, my first service, you know, God you want me to punch this guy? And it just didn’t make sense to me, and I thought, Lord he’s dying, you know he lost over 40 pounds. So anyways, I punched him in that broken sternum, and he ended up on the ground and just vibrating under the power of God. He gets up and immediately you could see a change in his face and his countenance and uh, long story short, he was totally healed of cancer, the broken sternum was healed, the ribs were healed…”
Rick Joyner: “Instantly!”
Bentley: “Instantly!”
Joyner: “With the…

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