Copyright Policy for those datamining this Blog for information on God TV activities not published by God TV itself

It has come to my attention that on certain blogs eg that there has been liberal large hearted free use of my Data which has got for itself  quite a fan club where blog owners are using my hard won research data WITHOUT ACKNOWLEDGING  The Governmental Goals of God TV (original blog) or The Governmental Goals of God TV Part2 as the source.

This is plagirism and what is laughable is that it is CHRISTIANS who are plagirising my data and calling it their own. This cannot continue.

Whilst I don’t mind and even encourage and welcome other God TV blogs which are inspired by  mine, I positvely deplore this open plagirism.

So in future when data is used from this blog to add to your blog posts FIRST cite this blog and send traffic back to it, SECOND put me on your blogroll. If my data is so great and it is then a blogroll entry is respectful.

Third go back and cite correctly blog posts that reference data from this blog.

It is unfair to mine my blog for the groundbreaking data, the original pioneering perspectives without direct acknowledgement of my data in a properly cited way.

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