Will the Unpaid Suppliers of God TV please talk to Lucas and I in private via email in complete confidentiality

Will the numerous Unpaid Suppliers of God TV please come forward and spill the beans on God TV financial behaviours.

Eg Building  Contractors, Israel Broadcast Centre Suppliers,  Office  Suppliers, Hired out Cameramen,  Catering Suppliers. Specialist Broadcast Contractors, Lawyers!!!! Landlords,  you must be legion!!
We all know now that God TV is run by a load of unrepentant unreformed Bankrupts who see no need to change their behaviour who spout superspiritual rubbish to justify asking exhorbitant sums from their viewer claiming that it is GOD who tells them to donate sums of xx£$ rather than the manipulative  Staff at God TV.

So come forward contact Lucas Labrador X or and copy me me.



22 thoughts on “Will the Unpaid Suppliers of God TV please talk to Lucas and I in private via email in complete confidentiality

  1. We have all been threatened with the sack if we make any comment about GTV. Lucas Lab is regarded as a very dangerous enemy. WA is on his site everyday.

    Plymouth staffer

    • Thanks for your comment. Feel free to email me. God TV’s treatment of you all is appallng. Taking it out on you staff instead of blaming themselves,

    • Theoretically he could and so could I WA is a false prophet, God TV is in doctrinal error. Lucas Labrador is totally right to do what he has and is doing? I wish I knew the legal positon on this. any way you folks could secretly speak to lawyers pro bono on what your legal position is surely god tv is in the wrong on all points on this and rarely right. There must be loads of things legally to nail them with.

  2. Thought occurs though. Lucas please address WA directly in one of your videos. She is VERY worried about the petrol you are pouring on the fire.

    • God TV have brought this on themselves, Staff should be able to sue for unfair dismissal and unpaid suppliers for breach of contract. It is about time God TV paid for their sins instead of inflicting the cost on everyone else.

    • @govsocgradessex GodTV have blocked people from putting them on lists making access to twitter feed very difficult. I bet you Staff have difficulty in getting regular pay pay packets. I hope you all are logging ALL incidents against you where God TV could be heldl liable. Maybe what is going against them mounting criminal civil liability unpaid suppliers, unpaid staff could be sticks to beat them with. One could get an untraceable route and speak to third parties as a way of communicating. Either way there is damaging stuff already out there that could destroy God TV.

    • WA has a good reason to worry. I found out what was really going on without God TV telling me anything. I know what to look for. NOW I HAVE WHISTLEBLOWERS. THE ULTIMATE AFFIRMATION OF ALL MY HARD WORK OVER MANY HARD YEARS. Lucas Labrador think that God TV is fatally wounded. Maybe use what is out there to strike the blow. There are numerous unpaid suppliers, unpaid staff, people put in danger by tour of RPC, god tv willing to endanger and inconvenience people ie laundry and bathing costs just to satisfy their own agenda. MAYBE USE WHAT WE HAVE. Documentaries need to be made and we have brilliant journalists on the case. God TV and its mates Cross rhythms Rick joyner have too many things against them, too many things to hit them with, they are liable in too many ways out of control liabilities. The legal picture is appalling.

    • I get my Petrol and the fire from God TV they are most obliging and stupid and they cannot do anything ie CCM celebrities inducement to manipulate me. They have nothing to offer me bar their many legal liabilities, their terminal addiction to bankruptcy, their pleading forbail outs, their love of false erroneious doctrines and their appalling illegal treatment of those who work for them. ALL ARE VULNERABLE even the big names. If they cant fucking pray for the ministry they are stuffed and they can’t. sure sign the ministry is a zombie at best, dying ? resisting death.

    • Unpaid suppliers coming forward would be a big step forward if people come forward God tv is in more crisis not less.

  3. If we can get those Authorities pursuinig them onto the site.. Rory and Wendy’s numerous failed businesses.. Some good whistleblowing is needed that does not involve the staff but strengthens the staff.

  4. I have International Visitors on this site. The news travels far and wide. God TV does PR which is ;utterly failing. People will believe me before they trust anything by God TV. I have an international reputation for pioneering blogging on God TV who wrecked my life. I am taking revenge and God TV have NO LEVERAGE into my life. It was and is very satisfying to have the upper hand against such a bunch of religious losers who are addicted to losing and who love doing the destructive things, plays into my hands and all those who have been done over by god tv. they don’t have a leg to stand on, maybe with info out there we can damage them

  5. Rumour is the whole WA RA break up thing was meant to garner sympathy for WA and thus keep the money coming in. Mood here very low. We all know its a scam.

    Plymouth staffer

    • any to get the legions of unpaid suppliers legal authorites pursuing the alecs on our case so staff can get rest? but whistleblowing and helping journos on docs continues apace.

    • ((((((((((GodTVStaffers give them ALL m love xxxxxx))))) it is the STAFF that make that station go when god uses god tv. and the staff are treated like shit. katehillier1@hotmail.com email me get others to email me use false emails whatever. xxxx

    • Take a paid job elsewhere for income and volunteer at god tv then they can do sweet fuck all! but keep immaculate records for lawyers. great lawyers on #saveukjustice
      my handle @govsocgradessex

  6. Just a thought for “Staffer”.
    Are you in contact with any ex-member of G-TV who has been dismissed for “talking” or any other frivolous reason?.
    The UK has quite tough Employment Tribunals who will award damages in cases of wrongful dismissal.
    The findings of such cases are in the public domain, so statements made by aggrieved ex-staffers are made public and are privileged. This means that WA can’t come after such a person with a writ for slander afterwards.

    Might be interesting to see it happen.

  7. If all this is true why would people not go to the authorities? Where is the documentary evidence?

    If they are a registered charity why not complain to the Charity Commission and they can investigate?

    • Other ideas as well. Documentary Evidence is KEY is how do the Staff get hold of it in order to retain it for submitting to the Authorities. Rory and Wendy Alec started numerous companies that went bankrupt, i for one would love to know who is after them. Perhaps,

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