The God TV Forest Signage much publicised by protesting Palestinian Communities in the Negev

Look very carefully at this sign God TV don’t want you to remember it and the Bedouin Tribes they are attempting to evict. #thegovernmentalgoalsofgodrv #godtvforestofhate #Israel #Jerusalem

First Night Nerves as God TV plans 7 Day Missions Week on top of the third Fundraising Campaign (Official) this Year

Rory Alec breaks with all broadcast conventions and does a Joe Bloggs impression in lieu of a defended Lakeland Scandal

Rory Alec breaks with all broadcast conventions and does a Joe Bloggs impression in lieu of a defended Lakeland Scandal

Rory and Wendy Alec, Chris Cole, Steve Beik, Thomas Robinson are insecure First Night Nerves on Day 2 of the routine second half Missions Week.

The Target is 100,000 persisting from Angel Partner Week. God TV’s total Partners are only 16,500. God TV only managed to get 2,500 approx (figure off top of head but it’s not good as you might expect). God TV extended the Angel Partner Week over what has become the usual 2 month period and the gain has only been 2,500 give or take; instead of the 100,000 they are ‘in faith’ for.

The Staff tried to set up competitions to ‘get America going’ and other Countries but especially the USA as it has the capacity to ‘instantly’ solve God TV’s financial problems and bring them into stability. The inter-country Competitions a device to get ‘love’ to do something (Chris Cole). failed to get a response beyond a few that they told us about; figures so low that if things continue, then God TV might be forced to adopt its hated 2 month Campaigns.

The banks of operators barely have a call but the operators are made to look busy?

America is not coming to the rescue, and the UK has now being relegated to secondary status.

Rory Alec wants to run the Missions Week for a WEEK but Rory Alec by his own admission stated that the extended period allowed viewers to get on board for their campaigns.

One strange device: God TV has covered the nations in white pins in a vain attempt to change them from white to red but the viewers super slow response has meant that this Missions Week is ”the slowest Missions Week ever” to quote Rory Alec.

NEWSFLASH God TV is doing a Angel Partner Week or Missions Week in brand new clothing to raise 100,000 Partners to give the Ministry financial stablity and foundations

In all but name the above happening on we now have a  Missions Week running that is IDENTICAL to the previous formats but with a brand new name and colour.

News so far GOD TV HAS NOW 18,000 to 20,000 Partners 5,000-3,000 on yesterdays estimate. They want 100,000 Partners for long term  stable financing rather than ride ‘the blessings and challenges’ of living from hand to mouth on Missions Weeks to Missions Weeks.

We all know that the MW Format is BROKEN. God TV now has broken up it’s fundraising into proposed Pastors Tour (£6m desired result), The Million Trees Project £6m, this unexpected MW (God TV always wants more money than it’s most devoted will supply), and of course our old pal MW turning up in it’s familiar repetive format in the second half of the year (expect 60 days or 2 months and more failure).

Only THIS TIME God TV has 30 days to raise 100,000 Partners. Fundings if got would raise from £18m to £25m which is something they have done before. OTHERWISE THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES FOR GOD TV AND THE FUTURE IS JEOPARDISED BY LACK OF STABLE FUNDING.

This is just   a quick post.

Todd Bently was again paraded out. God TV have suffered because of their denying how the Church has suffered and how Churches have closed down in Florida and Rory Alec wants to open hundreds of Churches alongside Water wells in the desert lands of Africa.

On the back of extensive blogging God TV are planning a BTS on their move to Kansas to the 15 room Mansion in Linwood

Unusually it wasn’t me who broke the story but endtimes prophetic words who mines my blog for data on God TV anyway. The Blogging community caught up and suddenly it is all over the net.

God TV’s email states (sent 6 hours ago today 11th June 2009) that Rory and Wendy Alec plan to do a BTS on the above topic.

So what can we expect from Mssrs Rory and Wendy Stephen pardon me Alec their stage names?

Well, superspiritual explanations for a home in UK AND USA, Bible verses from Word Faith demagogues like Mike Murdock and Nassir Sadiki will abound and of course plenty of spin about how God called them to get a Mansion (just like their good friend Benny Hinn).

Well according to local accounts it is a house with a bit of History which of course Rory and Wendy will add too in their own inmimitable style no doubt hosting gigs in their 11 acre Garden, holding meetings of the Elite Circle of Key People instrumental to their campaign to both tell the Church and the World what to do. I am of the opinion that one must use one’s imagination to imagine all sorts of things on the ground AND GET LOCAL GOSSIP RELIABLE AND AUTHORATIVE about WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING ON THE GROUND FROM STAFF HIRE TO GOINGS ON.

All in all with the advent of the  Linwood Mansion and the Cornwall House plus any number of presumed boltholes. It presumes all God TV Watchers watch events closely and also call God TV to account and demand Salary details, Account details and other materials that Supporters and Detracters have a right to read.


God TV in an effort to reclaim ground lost financially on the heal of the Bentley Scandal (£6m $12m), failing Missions Weeks which now are now perhaps irrevocably broken making God TV look the poor relation of Christian TV, have taken a rather unusual step in reviving the Million Trees Plus Project with the key bit donate $25 £15 and God TV will plant a tree in the variable microclimates of the Negev now being appropriated for Settlements for young families if it ever gets developed given the parlous state of God TV Finances.

Rory Alec is really keen to take unavoidably large land mass in an effort to publicise God TV as an Ministry that is explicitedly Pro -Zionist and to make a name for itself in Israel which despite the less than good reputation of God TV has deals with JNF to develop the Byzantine ruins (cost unknown but academic costs implied) and the Israeli Government have no idea just how unstable the God TV finances are.

So we have it THREE MISSIONS WEEKS before OFFICIAL MISSIONS WEEK IN SEPT/OCT 2009 will the Israeli Government cotton on?

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