Rory Alec is also begging for funds for himself and his new organisation The Internationals and for the self sufficient Jesus cares Orphanage in South Africa

Rory Alec unrepentant serial bankrupt who has always evaded the law hence his frequent lifetime moves around the world from South Africa to UK from UK to America from America and UK to Austria and back to the UK to beg for money all under the guise of Christian ministry undergirded with dangerous doctrine namely their pal Rick Joyner in South Carolina USA.

Newsflash: Wendy Alec begs for money on Facebook page as undisclosed deal with God TV under Ward Simpson leaves her penniless.

Lucas Labrador X ”This is ugly” [God TV] Rory Perrins not Stephens or Alecs have a string of bankrupcies behind them. Alecs are into this for the MONEY NO WONDER YOU SHOULD NOT GIVE TO GOD TV MISSIONS WEEK

I was  RIGHT!!! I have been monitoring Missions Week for the last 10-15 years and God TV have consistently not ever raised the funds required for the Ministry.   Rory Alec’s  list of Directorships and list of Bankruptcies only attests to their financial incompetencies. DO NOT GIVE TO GOD TV’S MISSIONS WEEK/REVIVAL ALERTS.

They are ungodly in their raising of finances and are not to be trusted. This stunning new revelation is evidence of that from the mighty Lucas Labradox X.

Thank you to God TV Staff and others.

£700k + per week per costs of ‘revival’ multiply by duration


‘Massacre’ at Todd Bentley Revival in Norway

‘Massacre’ at Todd Bentley Revival in Norway

This is a must read folks to see  Todd Bentley in action who decimates the faith of all who had faith in him by inviting him.

I have seen Todd push people who come on the Platform over and if they don’t go down, push them again so they are now lumbered with a burden to ‘go down’ as that what is socially expected of them from this ‘revival’.

I have heard a report on Bentley’s Hidden Tour post  Restoration at Morningstar that he got on a person old style which beggers the question, What does the Interweb know about  Bentley’s HIDDEN TOUR post  Morningstar with Rick Joyner firmly in the background?

There must be thousands of people who can potentially report on goings on good, bad and ugly.

So my real wonder is  we had Lakeland  [Scandal] I ; are we headed towards Lakeland[ Scandal] Part II???