Rory Alec is also begging for funds for himself and his new organisation The Internationals and for the self sufficient Jesus cares Orphanage in South Africa

Rory Alec unrepentant serial bankrupt who has always evaded the law hence his frequent lifetime moves around the world from South Africa to UK from UK to America from America and UK to Austria and back to the UK to beg for money all under the guise of Christian ministry undergirded with dangerous doctrine namely their pal Rick Joyner in South Carolina USA.

#GodTVinMeltdown #GodTVinCrisis from an anon Whistleblower today

Top members of staff are leaving who actually did the work. The Web development team have left in droves, the final member leaves this week. There is massive internal turmoil. Anyone who can get out is getting out. The rest are hopeful of a payoff if they do not file for bankruptcy first. Only the core fools will remain as they do not see themselves as the problem which is where the problems are. The large ex government building in plymouth will be a ghost town. Watch it all go downhill from this date.


An appeal to the Plymouth employees of G-TV.

You good folks must know the truth – come back here, anonymously and give us some answers, please.
I made some comments about the irrelevance of the material that G-TV was squirting out over the Christmas season. Nobody responded.
Over this last week (it’s now 13 Jan ’15) we have seen some pretty shocking happenings in Paris. I won’t debate the aspects of the tragedy here but why isn’t G-TV discussing it?

Why are the pretend-anointed that run G-TV coming on air and discussing these events and having an opinion about how Christians should react.

I have a theory – they couldn’t, even if they wanted to or if they had an opinion worth listening to, because the juke-box of US-sourced rubbish is driven by the money stream. Same old crooks & crazies – an apparent random selection with no relevance to the day’s events.

Where is Wendy Stevens? Holed up in Israel, enjoying commissions from Israeli travel agencies arising from the tour company she appears to be running and totally out of touch with these current events.

Whether it’s the celebration of Christ’s birth or the terrible clashes in France – ignore it all, keep turning the handle on the juke-box that plays the daft, irrelevant foreign (that is US) twaddle.

Keep going Wendy, it’s nearly as rubbish as MTV!



Are there any Criminal Lawyers Barristers QC’s Solicitors who are interested enough to be wanting to analyse the God TV scandals from a Legal Point of view UK and US Juristiction required

Are there any Criminal Lawyers Barristers QC’s? who might care enough to watch The Governmental Goals of God TV to legally analyse the whole God TV scandal/s situation
by katesjc6189

Employment Law and Tribunals: Unfair Dismissal Claims

Assault and Battery Todd bentley assaulting Stage 4 Cancer Patients.

Perverting the cause of Justice : Contempts Todd Bentley being taken to Morningstar Ministries to avoid being arrested and feeling the full force of the law.

Criminal Law

Health and Safety at work and on Construction sites Legislaton plus Case Law

Rory Wendy leadership Team should be arrested at the legally non existent Prayer Revival Centre for recklessly endangering lives, forcing laundering costs on 200 people, placing viewers in a derelict building site where only Professionals should work.

Family Law Divorce Marital Infidelity Rory and Wendy Alec’s marital situation.

Ideally Laws Lawyers also can work in US Jurisdiction.

These are just a few thoughts of mine above about what Law/s could do in this situation.

This blog has a lot of readers a good proportion who are Lawyers.

Now are there any Lawyers who are sufficiently interested to wonder what the #GodTVLegalPicture is Obiter?

Fantasy Cases? a Peoples Tribunal (former Staff of God TV, former friends of God TV) viewers who have emptied life savings to save God TV.

If I had my way we would have corroborative(evidence that hangs together that knits together) Evidence that held water

its just a thought but if there was a way to pay…….



#familylaw #divorce #maritalinfidelity

#PeoplesTribunal (Room Rental x 2 or more plus social media gathered people plus QC! to inspire us to exciting LEGAL adventures!)



#criminallaw (Criminal Law related element)




Why might Todd break down?

 Why might  Todd Bentley break down?

 What would cause a high profile  Christian Leader to break down?

  1. Overwork only after 30 days did Bentley have a weeks rest.
  2. 2 Outreaches a day x  God TV, Morningstar don’t seem to  be displaying any Pastoral oversight over Todd on this.  How can a  troulbled young man be expected to perform with TWO LOTS OF MISSION A DAY? and in the most marginalised high pressure areas of Ministry eg the Shanty Towns?
  3.  But noone believes me!??!!  Tongaat was consistently over the 30 days a 1000 down. 2000 thousand people attended but Todd had to stare at empty balconies.  God TV did it’s best to hide this embarassing fact by the use of overpanning, avoiding onlookers and skeptics and by trying to control the viewer.  Todd was consistently playing to the Living Room Initiative of 1800 rooms now but.
  4.  Damaging theology all cancers, all types of diseases MUST be healed, all kinds of claims being made of new body parts etc. THE LORD HEALS and he HEALS ALL SORTS but for him to thrive as having healing as part of his gifts, he must have satisfaction of genuine medically verified healings. Example we as a church prayed for a lady who had a stroke and the Lord healed her. My prayers along with the  group  got God to heal her. Now she leads Worship at my Church which I visit in a special way.
  5.  All the falsehoods and false prophecies of God TV.   Bentley has to preach THIS gospel and of course FIERCE OPPOSITION COMES and  Bentley is broken. Never has he an opportunity to ESCAPE their grip which needs to happen for him to find wholeness and healing.
  6.  Gifts not discerned ie not healing ministry a false gift set instead of true discernment of his gifts and needs.

I have seen Todd suddenly go mad in Evening Sessions and suddenly lay hands on the people with no warnings, if they didn’t go down he would try again. I have seen him push people over.

He had a dream when he was with a person and he bear hugged her and threw her to the ground he claims she was healed. How far are we away from this happening again?


£700k + per week per costs of ‘revival’ multiply by duration