About The Governmental Goals of God TV

This is not a blog one would happily embark on. To be damaged by God TV and it’s Cohorts demands that not only one RESEARCHES them but in ones academic pursuits, one seeks to uncover the things hidden by the eye and mind not informed by simple long observation.

Appearances can be deceptive. CCM, Pro Zionism, apparent Power through the percieved powers of NAR, ICA, 7 mountains etc is attractive; but it comes at a price.

That price is mine and yours damaged Christian life, a hatred of the prophetic, mockery of Church by Atheists and the spectacle sheer spectacle of watching a Ministry not even ascend to the wonders of long established players such as Daystar and TBN who despite the crap have working and workable TV and media outlets and are nice caring people to boot who actually have nice personalities!

If  you look long and hard enough you can easily constrast the above and God TV Joyner sponsered personalities match up with the  polished but spiritual performances of what should be Target Stations in terms of integrity, personality, fundraising potential, accountability and winsomeness. If you work your way through this blog you might arrive at the same conclusions.


Admin and Founder

14 thoughts on “About The Governmental Goals of God TV

  1. Hello. Would you like to hear the latest news from GOD-TV. There are people who are applying for jobs who will be working undercover and spying internally at GOD-TV. When the agents are able to reveal with video and documents they will. In the interim there is some news that that they do not want you to know.
    Wendy and Rory Stephens will be leaving GOD-TV. The cover story is that they are going on a sabbatical, this is not truth. They have managed to take enough of the donation pie that they have bought their multimillion dollar mansion thanks to the donations and can live comfortable thanks to the $s.
    The office building in Devon is only partly for GOD-TV – They plan to make income from the other part of the building. This is a half finished attempt as you will find out over the coming weeks.
    There is chaos internally as staff members leave. They are closing office locations in England throwing those who dedicated themselves to GOD-TV in the trash. It is falling apart from within as the fighting starts on who is going to take over from the two shysters.

    More will follow as we make contact with our contacts.

    • Excellent what we need is first rate LEGAL Evidence from folks. People need to keep anything that will help construct corrobative evidence for potential lawsuits against them.

  2. Don’t worry they wont get away with it,,,,,,,,,,,their time will come, and its not that far off, they have made too many enemies and as the saying goes, ‘every dog has its day’ …

  3. To Journalists on site we need to see some really excellent programmes coming out of this.
    God TV friends are Cross Rhythms The Message Trust Mike Bickle of Kansas City Prophets fame, Rick Joyner I can’t imagine God TV going down is not going to impact these groups either.

  4. Chris Dandridge your presence here is all the proof I need that my work is not fruitless. I can’t wait to see the fallout!

  5. Hello. You have written to me before about God TV, via my YouTube channel, lucaslabradorx and my website lucaslabrador.net. I am trying to find someone who wrote to me saying that they had offered to give me all the info on a plate but I don’t respond to them. I was wondering if that was you, as they put a spurious email address on their messages, and I cannot respond to them, much as i would like to. I am interested now in the financial side of things and wondered if you had any contacts/info. Contact me via my normal email justin1955@gmail.com

    • It wasn’t me Justin but I think its a great idea for the pair of us to keep in touch. You are one fine investigator.

      • Christian Media Watch have decided to condemm me so it’s happening to me too,@godmediawatch they are just a front for God TV Cross Rhythms folks to hide under a facade and allegedly govern the church!!

      • I am totally with you Justin on your God TV work splendid stuff.
        I am very heartened that I/we have such stellar people ie Chris dandridge on this blog. This is the reason I write this blog and you do you investigatory work.xxx

  6. Had to chuckle at the opening post though: ‘There are people who are applying for jobs who will be working undercover and spying internally at GOD-TV’……bit of a giveaway that

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