Dodgy Revival Alert Wendy Alec (adultery, affairs) will appear with Benny Hinn (adultery affair remarried wife) to do the 3 x yearly Missons Week Revival Alert

Get this at next Weeks Revival Alert or so The Young Turks inform us we have Wendy Alec (serial adulteress see  SERIOUS comments on Whistleblower Post) with  Benny Hinn ( private jet Dove One with  prescription drug addicted  adulterous wife idivorced him now they are remarried) campaigning for the Revival Prayer Centre where adulterous Todd bentley who abandoned his disabled wife for some young  Jessa Bentley flesh to come and wreak multiple devastations on the gullible Christian non Christian publics.

Go back to Whistleblowers  Post and you will find work has stopped. There isn’t enough money to do proper strutural surveys on the Gaumont so viewers who have visited have not only incurred severe unwarranted laundry and  bathing costs but have risked their lives to consecrate a non legally existing RPC.

We need some Lawyers round here those who are legally curious enough to make a rudimentary assessment of what the legal situation might be.

It all adds up. Next Week should be absolute comedy.



#tortdefamationslander de facto modus operandi misrepresenting the Church

#assaultandbattery todd bentley #adultery Jessa Bentley

#pervertingthecourseofjustic Morningstar ministries so assaulted stage four cancer patients are denied legal redresss.

Non compliance little compliance with the regulators

#humanrightsviolations Bedouin tribes on  land god tv has decided for its million tree #forestofhate israel

#employmentlawoffences non payment of due wages




Watch “The Death Throes of God TV 5 Missions Weeks 2012” on YouTube

God TV faces an imminent crisis as £3.5m or $5m does not come in on time despite £4.2m pledged

It looks like God TV is approaching an imminent crisis as a Missions Week which has contrary to Rory Alec’s reports in real terms has taken TWO MONTHS for any funds of any substance to come in.

This has happened of course on top of God TV taking on a whole new set of [expensive] roles: that of Archaeologist of a Byzantine Church in the Negev (God TV branding and God TV logos planned of course for this thoroughly commercial proposed ‘God TV’ Forest, Developer of the Negev (!!) which as you know as variable microclimates and low rainfall, Pro-Zionist presence in Jerusalem (the bigger the better!” The Recognition Centre in Jerusalem hills,(expensive), The proposed MILLION TREE God TV Forrest, Church planter (Angel Mission BTS with John Bongiono who is under his thumb) Development Aid (Africa, Zimbabwe) plus alledgely commissioning Conferences etc (God TV Advertorial) that actually are the others and done by other Ministries with God TV just filming.

All this is gonna take money and lots of it. According to Ashimolowo on MW at Kenya GOD TV’S ACTUAL BUDGET IS BETWEEN $40-50M or £25 (!!!) which God TV has NOT acknowledged astoundingly in this Missions Week as usually they are quick to tell us how much they require and by when.

So I believe in Jesus Name that God TV is facing imminent crisis. Missions Week is broken. They are now unable to raise funds in week as other more successful Ministries do ie TBN and Daystar and now it is a tedious TWO MONTH EXERCISE meaning it takes FOUR MONTHS to raise the monies or not as the case maybe.

The revived Million Trees Project has bypassed and ignored ACTUAL viewer response of 335,000 trees in favour of 500,000 trees and above all the title MILLION TREES which would give them a major physical presence in Israel something they are very keen to establish ie with a state of the art Broadcast Centre the 6th floor, the proposed Recognition Centre in the Jerusalem Hills (very costly real estate) the Million Tree Forest plan and the Byzantine Church ancient site plus developing the Negev!!

Are you thinking they have bitten off more than they can chew? or that the likely closure of God TV will result in extreme embarrassment re the Israeli Government as the Bankers and unpaid Satellite Providers ( I guess a whole YEARS satellite fees have not been paid and now its pay time) and God TV end up in disgrace.


Rory Alec doesn’t want to look ‘poor or begging’ a backwards look at proposed God TV prescence in Israel and their desire to be state of the art and the biggest greatest etc


God TVs Proposed £2.5m Broadcast Centre Appeal in EXPENSIVE Jerusalem




2.5m for new Broadcast Centre in Jerusalem which is most expensive (Rory Alec complaint, but never mind the viewers will  pay up!)


(no worries then as its the centre of the universe).


£500.000 total of £2.5m Project per Space Massive Building Concrete like M Street God TV’s Central Office as it relocated from Sunderland to the US.

UCB Partner Model UCB Model per se.I observe which is a form of audience control around favourable opinions rather than strong godly critique.

‘Prophetic Thus Saith the Lord’ the whole Schedule THUS SAITH THELORD.Taken from prophecy from Jonathan David. ‘Thus Saith the LORD’ fits in with dictatorial tones adopted from Day 1 with Joyner theology.

This fits bossy domineering nature.

 CR aka God TV want INDEPENDENT Movement Controlled Intercessory Teams to back Project

Intercessors a lot of intercessory Teams in Britain Chris Cole Gods DNA it will it does it . Obi Pax harry, monopolising of perceived prayer ministry major power base.

All your base are ours!! this is what they like to think.

On Cross Rhythms. The only time we discover Morning Star is on the prayer sessions on CR with Cole and Company. Tone is again Dictatorial as one can expect predict with total certaintity. Talk of collaboration is to be dismissed as all God TV wants to do is dictate what the entire church worldwide; every denomination and stream and all types of Christian what to do because they know how to be saved and God is not at work anywhere in world but with them..


Restructure our production/editing/ Teams. Due to cost factors.

Five Folds on God TV and Thus Saith Action on the Ground prove Governmental Thesis.

Souls in obedience to them souls souls souls in obedience to them.


Canon Andrew White

Fait Accompli already paid for done deal the viewer only has to cough up.


Wendys iconic discomforture.

Shortage of Schedulers as ambitions increase for individual country feeds following UK patterns.

Rory Alec watch?

Rory refuses to look poor or begging.

From outskirts to expensive foothills of Mount Zion meaning increased costs.

London expensive Washington expensive but JERUSALEM! Rory Alec cuts in with a God slot.

God is used to justify everything even if he is ICABOD.

New Relaunch Wendy Alec ** restructuring of God TV slip of the tongue.


THEY WANT THEIR OWN SPACE THEREFORE DON’T ENJOY SHARING SPACE WITH OTHER TV COMPANIES. I discover. They are distincly uncomfortable with any but their own or people on their own terms.


God TV wants their own space and not have to share.

DECEPTION God TV parading rented Broadcast Centre AS THROUGH IT WAS THEIR OWN!

Newcastle to Israel Reaction to underplayed.

We’ve outgrown it with NINE PEOPLE??!!

Fait Accompli usual Movement Strategy after the event the ones supposedly helping out have no say whatsoever.

God TV wanted own space for 3 years.

Timed Guest Slots.

It has BEGUN..

Hong Kong a one off 20% up front and viewer expected to bail them out.

Friend many years

Guests not allowed to think for themselves or viewers. Rory Alec informs his guest that ‘NO Questions to be asked [of Ministry] in an interview long ago.

15 March 5 Days Missions Week last year  lasted a whole 2 MONTHS


Shared Building only a Block like previous.

Executive Management of God TV,

Trustees found!!

People pray for xy z abc abnormal

Ist April deadline for completing Centre.

Many KEY MINISTRIES Key strategy of God TV roping in Partners who are ‘key’ ie advance God TV goals forward.

See Jerusalem.

God TV Plans for Broadcast Centre

Relaunch of Channel.

Jerusalem Live Westminster LIVE Washington live

Dream on TV from Jerusalem.

World Class anointed prophetic THEIR MATES

Gideons army of their mates.

Don’t want to bother with normal Christians then strangers,

Newcastle Right hand Network Controller.

Ist night of missions week in Plymouth

Restructure editing production Teams. Wendy Alec stopped by husband.

Influence power.

God TV wants to take advantage of HDTV revolution.

HDTV and.

Technologically out of date obsolescence in TV equipment.

Ad is phrased as ‘remarkable opportunity’



Viewers need to refocus on God TV’s primary responsibilty for their bad state of finances and not ever ever to blame themselves.





In Faith not paid for so increased deficits at Bank.






NEWSFLASH Tues 18 Nov 2008 GOD TV GOES AHEAD WITH CHINA AT £6.5M despite of only having only £4.5m of unfulfilled pledges

Hi everybody

God TV in this Missions week which will last an estimated total of 8 weeks-it ends in 13 days has thus far only £4.5m of £12.5 required. Unbelievably they are still pushing the Million Trees Plus project and only have over 330,0000 still a substantial Forest but NOT the largest Forest in Israel as originally planned. I think I saw on God TV that they are BUILDING the God TV Recognition Centre meaning that Rory Alec is in serious denial given that we all know and it’s in the blogosphere that the much lauded Israel Broadcast Centre on the Sixth Flour of a building Five other companies occupy is NOT YET PAID FOR. I think God TV is trying to save face in the midst of unmitigated disaster as the Credit Crunch has truly bitten. LAKELAND is I believe a  a factor: the word FLOOD of emails etc was deleted from the VT about Viewer Response. This is more honest. Where there are honest validated statistics from bodies such as Nielson, Qauntcast, Hitwise etc that say how wonderful God TV is doing thats fine but current figures suggest that God TV is headed into serious and possibly fatal financial crisis that threatens it’s very existence on the back of the Lakeland Scandal.

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