Wendy Alec weeps on MW about the lack of funding for Pro grammes on Spring Missions Week where God TV failed to meet its target by £1m plus

nother first, another coup for the Blog.
When God TV did its Fundraising for Wendy Alec’s Programmes longings WENDY ALEC CRIED ON THE LIVE BROADCAST.
This was not shown on the Repeats which have been Preacher Re-Runs instead of or at best the minimal attention paid to Rory and Wendy interaction with Guest Preachers Directors, the Audience, which is 500,000 with 130,000 on the Mailing List. (One can feign interest to get on it and even send a donation they are none the wiser unless they try to vet the Mailing List!!)

The programming which Wendy Alec is in charge of is always the one part of the Budget to get cuts. Wendy Alec is quick to point that out. If you look at the Programmes over about a year and a half you will notice the same Programmes being repeated endlessly bar a bit of live programming which is NEVER PERSONAL PRESENTER PRESENCE OF RORY AND WENDY ALEC (unless they want money or book sales etc) but also impersonal globally percieved ‘live’ (This follows hard on the heels of Revelation TV’s success at winning a loyal audience by LIVE In House  programming ) I reckon if you watch for a year and a half plus Live Missions Week (boring except for the gems and gaffes) then you will have seen all God TV has to offer by way of Programmes, which predictably hail from the Elijah List, NAR, ICA and 7 Mountains Dominionist people which of course are afforded priority on the Schedules along with programmes emphasing GLOBAL GLOBAL GLOBAL, the Alecs other favourite Theme.

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