Why might Todd break down?

 Why might  Todd Bentley break down?

 What would cause a high profile  Christian Leader to break down?

  1. Overwork only after 30 days did Bentley have a weeks rest.
  2. 2 Outreaches a day x  God TV, Morningstar don’t seem to  be displaying any Pastoral oversight over Todd on this.  How can a  troulbled young man be expected to perform with TWO LOTS OF MISSION A DAY? and in the most marginalised high pressure areas of Ministry eg the Shanty Towns?
  3.  But noone believes me!??!!  Tongaat was consistently over the 30 days a 1000 down. 2000 thousand people attended but Todd had to stare at empty balconies.  God TV did it’s best to hide this embarassing fact by the use of overpanning, avoiding onlookers and skeptics and by trying to control the viewer.  Todd was consistently playing to the Living Room Initiative of 1800 rooms now but.
  4.  Damaging theology all cancers, all types of diseases MUST be healed, all kinds of claims being made of new body parts etc. THE LORD HEALS and he HEALS ALL SORTS but for him to thrive as having healing as part of his gifts, he must have satisfaction of genuine medically verified healings. Example we as a church prayed for a lady who had a stroke and the Lord healed her. My prayers along with the  group  got God to heal her. Now she leads Worship at my Church which I visit in a special way.
  5.  All the falsehoods and false prophecies of God TV.   Bentley has to preach THIS gospel and of course FIERCE OPPOSITION COMES and  Bentley is broken. Never has he an opportunity to ESCAPE their grip which needs to happen for him to find wholeness and healing.
  6.  Gifts not discerned ie not healing ministry a false gift set instead of true discernment of his gifts and needs.

I have seen Todd suddenly go mad in Evening Sessions and suddenly lay hands on the people with no warnings, if they didn’t go down he would try again. I have seen him push people over.

He had a dream when he was with a person and he bear hugged her and threw her to the ground he claims she was healed. How far are we away from this happening again?


‘Massacre’ at Todd Bentley Revival in Norway

‘Massacre’ at Todd Bentley Revival in Norway

This is a must read folks to see  Todd Bentley in action who decimates the faith of all who had faith in him by inviting him.

I have seen Todd push people who come on the Platform over and if they don’t go down, push them again so they are now lumbered with a burden to ‘go down’ as that what is socially expected of them from this ‘revival’.

I have heard a report on Bentley’s Hidden Tour post  Restoration at Morningstar that he got on a person old style which beggers the question, What does the Interweb know about  Bentley’s HIDDEN TOUR post  Morningstar with Rick Joyner firmly in the background?

There must be thousands of people who can potentially report on goings on good, bad and ugly.

So my real wonder is  we had Lakeland  [Scandal] I ; are we headed towards Lakeland[ Scandal] Part II???


Lakeland ‘outpourings’ continued: God TV puts ad out for people to attend Roy Fields Events

Hello folks

This morning I woke up to a God TV ad literally giving the address and contact details of the Vineyard Church which the Roy Fields ‘revival fire’ events are happening. From what I have seen the meetings look sparsley attended with the fan club of Lakeland coming out in force. One of the key lessons I am learning from God TV is THERE WILL ALWAYS BE FANS IE PASTORS AND OTHER FOLKS WHO WILL LOVE AND SUPPORT GOD TV/LAKELAND ETC.  That is a fact of life. Those fans will always come to the defence of their beloved. They will pen good reviews on Amazon indeed the Fans will seek to counter (on God tV Joyners behest?) the negative reviews given by other Reviewers.

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