God TV plans Sponsored Walk up Mount Killsmanjaru to plug Funding Gap


If they got the partners. They would have £20m.

God TV are mad enough to think they could raise that money when it is well known they have annual funding crises requiring expensive viewer bailouts.

The Viewers of God TV are by and large oblivious to the multiple ways God TV extracts funds from them and to the poor value for money their Christian Programming is.

This means Viewers are mesmerised into making excessively large donations $300 $500 and no harsh questions are asked of God TV as to why this is actually so.

God TV for the Sponsored Walk up Mount Killamanjuru need £20m in constant income. I am not sure how much a gap this would plug but I would not be surprised if God TV even had a top Budget of £65m in order to advance Rory and Wendy Alec’s ideas of God TV catching up with the likes of Daystar and TBN who are Global Leaders in terms of Christian Broadcasting.

God TV likes to tell us it has 500m viewers, if that is the case then the funding is a doss, and we will have independent Industry Leading Organisations raving on about God TV’s success.

But as you will see online such claims do not have independent supporting evidence. It also shows you just how gullible are the God TV Fan Club.

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