God TV Staff are subjected to gagging Clauses and now to extra payments to shut them up God TV is threatened by my whistleblowing page on my blog

Wendy livese in the Luxury Hotel King David hotel Jerusalem Hotel


, Salary Levels US$150,000 per annum plus Expenses

What does Wendy Alec earn? plus expenses at least ,£150,000 plus Expenses?

Wendy Alec now lives in luxury house in Israel. Lucas Labrador X reports. Where abouts is her house? We need House Cost, Rental, Buy, any idea of her movements would be appreciated.

Whistleblowers Unpaid Suppliers, Hotel Chambermaids please spill via Lucas or I

.Web Developers for God TV who have been fired please spill!! you are safe here, we have journalists researching into God TV and your stories would be invaluable.

What are the constraints being put on their new Financial Officer Tanya Swanapoel?

God TV run Warboys publishing director Rory Alec director.  Normal Publishing Companies wouldn’t touch her book/s with a bargepole. Midas PR could do nothing for her book which would have had them in hysterics as well as stain the name of the Lord.

Lucas tells us that  the Sunderland staff have  all made redundant.

They hire and fire company with nasty spiteful directors.

God TV Staff threatening emails, Benny Hinn seeing  Lucas Labrador videos because Benny Hinn is vulnerable.  Hinn owes a private plane Dove One, has a

$10m house on a beach, is a well known  False Prophet, has been never known to keep to a budget very God TV friendly and former employee Johnny Woodrow has joined the Staff.

Steve Beilk  General Counsel  I have to ask questions as to how God TV has complied with its legal obligations or not as the case may be. But that is for  further consideration. I guess not despite him being a Lawyer. Goss on him would be good too.




Lakeland 2.0 in all but FORCED ASPECTS

My Regular Readers must be wondering what has happened to me as I have not been posting during recent Missions Weeks/Fundraising Opps and seem to be absent whilst there is this Lakeland .2.0 ‘revival’. Note that is in inverted commas.

 Ever since the Lakeland Scandal broke five years ago God TV have been claiming Revival, with the Bay of the Holy Spirit’Revival’,  The Morningstar Conference held years ago in Scotland when it was claimed Revival would spread from Scotland and various ‘revivals’ held of course by their mates at IHOP, etc just to prove their claim that indeed  God TV and pals ARE bringing REVIVAL and we are demon infested  Christians doing the devils work for him if we don’t jump straight in but ask hard questions, sit back and watch, don’t participate but  THINK ABOUT WHAT WE ARE WATCHING, LISTENING TOO ETC.

 So dear Readers this is what I feel so far:

  1.   We have Lakeland  Part 1 minus parts  God TV and Bentley  Morningstar have been FORCED TO CHANGE,  ie the violence and Angel Emma.
  2.  Todd is a workaholic thanks to God TV with  Mall Missions during the day after 10am and demands to go on Day Missions into the Locality (regardless of Local Church Leadership who are NOT consulted, let alone listened too).
  3.  Todd is winging it. I have seen too many times he pushes people at the forehead, skull area, the neck, the chest and if you don’t go down he tries again!! I have seen time and again PEOPLE [RIGHTLY] REFUSE TO GO DOWN AND BE ‘SLAIN IN THE SPIRIT’.
  4.  The Revival as it is claimed is running on Invoices and not actually paid for so far we have  COSTS OF £700K PER WEEK THE REVIVAL RUNS!!!! THIS IS ADDING UP AND UP!
  5.  Todd is trying to verify his Ministry but on his Fresh Fire Website THERE ARE NO MEDICAL VERIFICATIONS OF HEALINGS. Todd it seems claims to have a gift of healing to heal anything and everything, a recipe for trouble IMHO.
  6.   Open visions, throne room vistations angels etc, of course we don’t have Emma but we have well emma in more respectable forms. Extra Biblical,  adding doctrine that isn’t in the Bible and downright dangerous!
  7.  God TV and  Bentley are promoting this revival globally, well what did you expect??!!!
  8.   The extra biblical unbiblical doctrine of super youth  is practiced.
  9.  Mini Todd Bentley’s, kids were prayed for by Todd and expected to be let loose to minister to the audience!!!!! a separate post!!! Kids proper place is help out which is right but not take the whole burden! of course things happen but the doctrine is wrong!

 Pretoria day one has  only 1000 in attendance in a 5000 capacity   showground.   Tongaat was only 2 3rds full.  Wesley whitfield etc preached to packed out churches…..

£700k + per week per costs of ‘revival’ multiply by duration



One of the perks of enduring the endless bore that is Missions Week aka Two Month Fundraising Period is that one catches gems like this: God TV’s Budget has gone up from doubling from £12.5m to £25m to an astonishing and mindnumbing £36m.

What are they doing? Rory Alec gathers Projects like one possessed. God TV has a vision for ”thousands of Churches” in the African region linked to the de facto Water well, assuming they hit sufficient water to justify Water Vats and that the Government hasn’t abandoned the Region due to geophysical factors (LSE public lecture on Geophycists or other University Channel).

God TV has not provided costings of the latest brainswaves such as the Archeologists one in Negev, Million Trees in Israel, costs of groundwork etc and actual breakdown of cost of Tree Donations. Nor cost of errecting a Church building as well as build Clinics, etc, in effect central infrastructure in an african Village; so one is having to estimate costs on visual appearance and imagined scales ie rough shell composed of red bricks and standard corrugated tin roof.

God TV also does not show us WHO ELSE is bearing the load. ‘Friends’? Suppliers, Ministries they are working with to share the cost in Transmitter builds and how much bullying they did to get Crown House a multi Company building to change it to ‘Angel House’ after God TV i’ts struggling failing nemesis. ( I imagine bloods is boiling at the aforementioned place anyone there spill the beans!)

Bloggers watching God TV and it’s Pals JOYNER , NAR, ICA, 7 Mountains* need to factor in God TV into their analysis and do a lot of the work in estimation etc.

In lieu of these astounding figure and the 2 yearly Financial Crises of the Ministry. Which Financial Crisis will finally kill them?

GOD TV wants to have a budget like that of Daystar and TBN. God TV hates being the poor boy of Christian Broadcasting and is seeking to up budget  big bit by big bit so they are no longer shamed by being the size of Daystars £12m Charity Budget.

NEWSFLASH God TV is doing a Angel Partner Week or Missions Week in brand new clothing to raise 100,000 Partners to give the Ministry financial stablity and foundations

In all but name the above happening on http://www.godtv.com we now have a  Missions Week running that is IDENTICAL to the previous formats but with a brand new name and colour.

News so far GOD TV HAS NOW 18,000 to 20,000 Partners 5,000-3,000 on yesterdays estimate. They want 100,000 Partners for long term  stable financing rather than ride ‘the blessings and challenges’ of living from hand to mouth on Missions Weeks to Missions Weeks.

We all know that the MW Format is BROKEN. God TV now has broken up it’s fundraising into proposed Pastors Tour (£6m desired result), The Million Trees Project £6m, this unexpected MW (God TV always wants more money than it’s most devoted will supply), and of course our old pal MW turning up in it’s familiar repetive format in the second half of the year (expect 60 days or 2 months and more failure).

Only THIS TIME God TV has 30 days to raise 100,000 Partners. Fundings if got would raise from £18m to £25m which is something they have done before. OTHERWISE THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES FOR GOD TV AND THE FUTURE IS JEOPARDISED BY LACK OF STABLE FUNDING.

This is just   a quick post.

Todd Bently was again paraded out. God TV have suffered because of their denying how the Church has suffered and how Churches have closed down in Florida and Rory Alec wants to open hundreds of Churches alongside Water wells in the desert lands of Africa.

On the back of extensive blogging God TV are planning a BTS on their move to Kansas to the 15 room Mansion in Linwood

Unusually it wasn’t me who broke the story but endtimes prophetic words who mines my blog for data on God TV anyway. The Blogging community caught up and suddenly it is all over the net.

God TV’s email states (sent 6 hours ago today 11th June 2009) that Rory and Wendy Alec plan to do a BTS on the above topic.

So what can we expect from Mssrs Rory and Wendy Stephen pardon me Alec their stage names?

Well, superspiritual explanations for a home in UK AND USA, Bible verses from Word Faith demagogues like Mike Murdock and Nassir Sadiki will abound and of course plenty of spin about how God called them to get a Mansion (just like their good friend Benny Hinn).

Well according to local accounts it is a house with a bit of History which of course Rory and Wendy will add too in their own inmimitable style no doubt hosting gigs in their 11 acre Garden, holding meetings of the Elite Circle of Key People instrumental to their campaign to both tell the Church and the World what to do. I am of the opinion that one must use one’s imagination to imagine all sorts of things on the ground AND GET LOCAL GOSSIP RELIABLE AND AUTHORATIVE about WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING ON THE GROUND FROM STAFF HIRE TO GOINGS ON.

All in all with the advent of the  Linwood Mansion and the Cornwall House plus any number of presumed boltholes. It presumes all God TV Watchers watch events closely and also call God TV to account and demand Salary details, Account details and other materials that Supporters and Detracters have a right to read.

NEWSFLASH! God TV plans to use upcoming Pastors Tour as an unofficial Missions Week Part III!!!!

You are not going to believe it! Rory and Wendy Alec plan to give Church Leaders and their wives FREE ISRAEL HOLIDAYS but with one proviso; THEY PAY/DONATE $10,000, or £5000 which if I am right is quite a hefty amount given the size of Churches in the Uk. (US Churches might manage it but even the US is affected by the Credit Crunch).

Those of us with our brains still on should have cottoned on to the fact that between the expected October/September MW (MW = 2 months that is or 4 months of the year 25% of their time!!) if indeed we got it at all that the Pastors Tour/free holiday is a ruse for a new reinvention of MW. Fellowshipping will be on their mind the way Sales people butter up their prospects, but it all ends up with the Crunch with 1000 being the number wanted to raise I estimate £6m or $12m (I need to check calculation but the amount is a problem solving for God TV).

So folks MW via the back end!

Now this is online this will go round the web and the whole God TV watching blogosphere will have caught on.

194 word count.