God TV faces an imminent crisis as £3.5m or $5m does not come in on time despite £4.2m pledged

It looks like God TV is approaching an imminent crisis as a Missions Week which has contrary to Rory Alec’s reports in real terms has taken TWO MONTHS for any funds of any substance to come in.

This has happened of course on top of God TV taking on a whole new set of [expensive] roles: that of Archaeologist of a Byzantine Church in the Negev (God TV branding and God TV logos planned of course for this thoroughly commercial proposed ‘God TV’ Forest, Developer of the Negev (!!) which as you know as variable microclimates and low rainfall, Pro-Zionist presence in Jerusalem (the bigger the better!” The Recognition Centre in Jerusalem hills,(expensive), The proposed MILLION TREE God TV Forrest, Church planter (Angel Mission BTS with John Bongiono who is under his thumb) Development Aid (Africa, Zimbabwe) plus alledgely commissioning Conferences etc (God TV Advertorial) that actually are the others and done by other Ministries with God TV just filming.

All this is gonna take money and lots of it. According to Ashimolowo on MW at Kenya GOD TV’S ACTUAL BUDGET IS BETWEEN $40-50M or £25 (!!!) which God TV has NOT acknowledged astoundingly in this Missions Week as usually they are quick to tell us how much they require and by when.

So I believe in Jesus Name that God TV is facing imminent crisis. Missions Week is broken. They are now unable to raise funds in week as other more successful Ministries do ie TBN and Daystar and now it is a tedious TWO MONTH EXERCISE meaning it takes FOUR MONTHS to raise the monies or not as the case maybe.

The revived Million Trees Project has bypassed and ignored ACTUAL viewer response of 335,000 trees in favour of 500,000 trees and above all the title MILLION TREES which would give them a major physical presence in Israel something they are very keen to establish ie with a state of the art Broadcast Centre the 6th floor, the proposed Recognition Centre in the Jerusalem Hills (very costly real estate) the Million Tree Forest plan and the Byzantine Church ancient site plus developing the Negev!!

Are you thinking they have bitten off more than they can chew? or that the likely closure of God TV will result in extreme embarrassment re the Israeli Government as the Bankers and unpaid Satellite Providers ( I guess a whole YEARS satellite fees have not been paid and now its pay time) and God TV end up in disgrace.


One thought on “God TV faces an imminent crisis as £3.5m or $5m does not come in on time despite £4.2m pledged

  1. Could be God tv is trying to do more than its overheads have but God always comes through right? I always presumed they broadcast from Jerusalem. I wouldn’t understand it but it seems everytime your turn on God tv their always begging for money, and this is most of the time I guess I give what I can I know £10.00 is all I really can give I’m sorry but I have to eat and pay my bills and God is already streching that for me sorry God tv.

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