NEWSFLASH Tues 18 Nov 2008 GOD TV GOES AHEAD WITH CHINA AT £6.5M despite of only having only £4.5m of unfulfilled pledges

Hi everybody

God TV in this Missions week which will last an estimated total of 8 weeks-it ends in 13 days has thus far only £4.5m of £12.5 required. Unbelievably they are still pushing the Million Trees Plus project and only have over 330,0000 still a substantial Forest but NOT the largest Forest in Israel as originally planned. I think I saw on God TV that they are BUILDING the God TV Recognition Centre meaning that Rory Alec is in serious denial given that we all know and it’s in the blogosphere that the much lauded Israel Broadcast Centre on the Sixth Flour of a building Five other companies occupy is NOT YET PAID FOR. I think God TV is trying to save face in the midst of unmitigated disaster as the Credit Crunch has truly bitten. LAKELAND is I believe a  a factor: the word FLOOD of emails etc was deleted from the VT about Viewer Response. This is more honest. Where there are honest validated statistics from bodies such as Nielson, Qauntcast, Hitwise etc that say how wonderful God TV is doing thats fine but current figures suggest that God TV is headed into serious and possibly fatal financial crisis that threatens it’s very existence on the back of the Lakeland Scandal.

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