‘God is the HEALER and he hears the prayers of HIS PEOPLE..’From a prophecy given to me online

Anonymous said…
This is trashy cliquism its not what you know but who you know. Too afraid of honesty ay? On the attack yeah dig that funky hoolio guy. The show is full of uncaring unprofessional amateurs . I loathe that Linz what a trash artist full of invective about global god tv. An artist for you dear horrible ugly Cole face. Criticism is NOT WELCOME HERE you are stifling freedom of speech? Might that be a bit challenging. it is easy to know your views and perspectives JUST LIKE HUM READ THE BOOK. HIJACKING US HIDDEN AGENDAS ON GOD TV STAFF. BUY PRESENTERS ALBUMS THEY ARE GOOD COS OUR MATES. YER MATES ON SOD TV. YOU DRIVE ME TO DESPAIR NO HOPE NO DREAMS. NO COLE YOU NASTY PIECE OF WORK DONT ESCAPE THERES THE STUDIO GO ON GET A MATE TO DO A TRACK YOU ARE THIIS YOU ARE THAT. YOU NASTY SHITTTING SHITTY PIECE OF WORK. BUT I SEE YOUR SUBTLEYS YOUR EVASIONS. YOU REVEAL YOURSELVES ON TV SHOCK HORROR YOU HIDE HIDE HIDE BUT YOU ARE ON SHOW INCLUDING BROTHER JOYNER. DONT HAVE EMOTIONS XXXX PROTECTED. PRAISE GOD FOR CCM TO CHANNEL MY AGGRESSION AND FRUSTRATION GOD WILL RAISE ME OUT OF THE ASHES OF YOUR PROPHETIC ASSAULT ON ME IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. HE WILL TRANSFORM ME INTO GRACE AND GLORY. LOVE IS NOT ALLOWED.I MAKE IMPACT. I KNOW YOUR GAME WOODROW IS HELPLESS SO IS BIG CHEESE RORYA ND WENDY AND CHRIS SOD THE COLE. WHY HIDE GUESTS WEBSITES WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?? US DISCOVERING THE TRUTH?? YOU MAY GET MY IP BUT YOU AINT GOT MY HEART AND NO CONCIOUS THOUGHT OFF ACTION WILL REVEAL WAY. BUT GOD HAS A VARIETY OF INSIGHTS FOR ME TO DELIBERATE ON. a legal vindication one day perhaps?? Lord protect me it is so dangerous to be ‘me’ indeed ‘us’ they are de-humanised. I see trouble toughness unbelievable financial losses and no reason to pray sub etc even privilege is a loss. WHEN WILL YOU WAKE UP!! in jesus name Anon
12:49 PM

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