URGENT UPDATE: Rory Alec has a Mistress in Austria and according to Lucas Labrador has resigned and Wendy Alec had an affair with a producer so the marriage was not solid after all

Urgent Update

According to  Lucas Labrador  Rory Alec has resigned with because of personal impropriety   Wendy Alec false prophet taking over the reins.

The first report

This blog  The Governmental Goals of God TV has enabled key to become confidential whistleblowers

thus helping people expose their true state to Christians who will understand for prayer and the truth to the world far and wide.


GOD TV Co-founder Rory Alec steps aside

GOD TV Co-founder Rory Alec has today announced he is leaving the Network, standing aside as Chairman and CEO with immediate effect. This follows what he terms ‘a moral failure’ concerning his marriage.

GOD TV Co-founder and Director of Television, Wendy Alec will continue to lead the Network along with its senior management team and the support of the GOD TV Board.

GOD TV has confirmed the organisation will continue its international operations as well as the work it is doing in Plymouth, UK. This includes the completion of its Revival Prayer Centre on Union Street and new staff building at Burrington Industrial Estate.

Mrs Alec told GOD TV staff in Plymouth that she will address the issue further on 8 October while in GOD TV’s Jerusalem studio to host a series of live Revival Alert broadcasts.

“I will take responsibility on the first night of Revival Alert to share with transparency and authenticity regarding the situation to all our viewers and partners,” she said.

In a separate statement, Mr Alec told GOD TV staff: “After 20 years of service, I have had a moral failure this year. For this reason, I am stepping down. Please forgive me for the disappointment I’ve caused, but I know your eyes are on Jesus who is the author and finisher of your faith and not on me, an imperfect man.

“It is with a heavy heart that I confirm my season with GOD TV is over for now.”

In her role as Co-founder, Creative Director and Director of Television, Wendy Alec has overseen all content on GOD TV for the past 19 years. Her remit includes oversight of the Network and Programming Planning teams; Scheduling teams; Production teams; her Commissioning team and approval of Ministry Airtime Sales and Programme Acquisitions. She has been in charge of GOD TV’s Creative Direction, both on air and in print, from the time of the Network’s inception, including the internationally acclaimed and distinctive GOD TV logo. She is fully supported by GOD TV’s executive management team and financial departments.

Media Contact: GOD TV UK & Ireland Regional Director Fergus Scarfe via e-mail at statement@god.tv.


46 thoughts on “URGENT UPDATE: Rory Alec has a Mistress in Austria and according to Lucas Labrador has resigned and Wendy Alec had an affair with a producer so the marriage was not solid after all

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  2. You have no idea how Rick Joyners theology which God TV , Cross Rhythms and Kansas City prophets has fucked up my life and the lives of others. The internet is there to expose them.
    I love how you are trying to deny a key paragraph of his when he talks of a group of prophets apostles seers etc who DISMANTLE AND DISBAND minsitries this is a very bad quote from one of joyners books who is rory and wendy’s friend.
    Remember Margret that rick joyner is on God TV, go figure.

  3. First Jimmy Swaggart, Benny Hinn, Paula White, Kong, etc….now Rory Alec n Wendy Alec. Who can we trust?? Humans r so frail so fragile…. satan rejoices at the fall of Gods servants… May God rebuild his people…

    • You clearly don’t understand the function of whistle blowing on this site which frees and helps more people than prayer. Prayer for the Alecs will not be effective otherwise.


      • I am amazed at how you could be blind to the numerous errors God TV is inflicting on the Church and non Christians!!

    • I’m not so sure. God TV are in denial. I believe the God TV who leaked the stories to this blog and Justin it’s just that Rory Alec’s affair with carole kaye is undeniable.
      God TV have not gone far enough in honesty whilst claiming honesty and it shows in how few pledges have come in. They are fucked!

  4. I was at their revival centre launch in January of this year. Rory was quite open about how they were finding it a struggle financially, Wendy too. The alarm bells should have rung.

    After listening to Wendy’s announcement (which I thought revealed far too much personal detail) and reading her ‘statement’ I noted that Rory was a musician who loved drums and particularly piano. Perhaps, away from it all in South Africa, Rory suddenly discovered something that he loved to do: play music. And there was a woman with whom he could be ‘himself’: someone maybe he wished was Wendy but at least looked like her. Free of the pressures of ministry and money, playing music in a familiar environment back home….its a familiar tale not exclusive to those in ministry.

    I wonder if Rory had been honest and said ‘hey guys, I want to do music and be in worship. Can someone else take the lead anchor?’ thinks may have worked out differently.

    • Who knows? I think you may have a point. You will just end up with an immature spiritually abusive Christian Musician wishing to stamp his imprint on the world.

    • Hi Mark,
      This shows insight. There is often more to temptation than just the final choice. There is a backdrop against which everyone is pulled into sin. It always comes at us in the areas of how we are basically feeling about things. Stress, disappointment, frustration are all dispositions that can make put us in a vulnerable position, along with many other processes that make us human. We often cannot avoid such things. Being in Christ does not spare us these conditions of life. I am suspicious of any teaching that appears to say we can always avoid them, all of the time.

  5. God TV Rick Joyner Extra-Biblical Doctrine messed with my head with Cross Rhythms Chris Cole applying the unbiblical Doctrine using CCM (Contemporary Christian Music/Musicians) to fuck with me.
    It took my ORIGINAL groundbreaking pioneering Research HERE at this blog to put voice to my thoughts, making me a groundbreaking Activist whose work is to help heal and minister too and alert Christians and non Christians Lawyers and Academics, every kind of person to the dangers posed by God TV and their ilk who do so much damage yet get away with it.

  6. Can you be a bit more specific? I know it costs a lot of money to air on tv. Premier Christian Radio’s digital radio licence is c£650k a year and I am sure tv transmission rights are more expensive.

    I also do not like some of the teaching and ‘stuff’ on christian tv and God tv. However, there is some good stuff. I tend to see it like the wheat and the chaff. I also tend to hit the ‘off’ change channel button when I need to! 🙂

    I got messed up by the prosperity doctrine but it didn’t need Christian tv to do that. It merely re-enforced what was being taught in many churches at that time.

    As for the worship, I love some of the new contemporary stuff but not all and I adore some of the older hymns. But, like most things when it comes to such things, it’s all very subjective.

    I have walked out of churches where my ears hurt because of the ridiculous need to rachet up the volume to appear cool and contemporary. I have also dispaired at the soulless, dreary renditions of hymns. I guess others have completely different views.

  7. Church that is geared to the servicing of Two Point Four that makes people like me Objects of Charity, that assumes normal life trajectories, then you get told God knows everything and you see no evidence for it.
    Aggressive behaviour in song ccm by musicians. Outrageous theology but because people don’t recognise or see what is going on the people are unaccountable.
    Worshipping at altar of young people when older people are cast on the scrapheap to make way for young people whilst the govt cuts away the safety nets.
    Ageism disablism in the Church
    Fucked up sexaulity and romance in the Church that fucks you up just thinking about it.
    extra biblical movement in the Church from our american friends. If you can call them that. My job is to help people see recognise these things and it’s working.

  8. Aha! Yes I can relate to a lot of that.

    There has been for years now a ‘yoof’ culture that has taken hold in the church. You are not alone in being put out by this cult movement. Everyone has a place. Have you read ‘Sound of Heaven’? It is about the Hebrides revival 1949-53. Although I get tetchy at the Calvinistic doctrines of the Islanders at that time, when revival broke out young and old mixed together. The youngsters wrote of that time that age didn’t matter. Oh, how I wish the church today took that to heart.

    Sexuality? Well, most churches I know don’t welcome into their doctrine homosexuality, lesbianism and bi-sexuality. Nor adulatory and fornication outside of marriage. The bible adds, thieving, murder, lying, dishonesty etc to the list. As Paul wrote ‘who can rescue me from this body of sin and death’…..thanks be to Christ. None of us are the perfect article. I dated a non-christian gal and we (shhhhhh) slept together (I wasn’t going to church at the time). She got dramatically saved but she still saw nothing wrong in sleeping together. Long story short, the church intervened and we were history. She is now re-married and very very happy.

    Musicians I guess are as ‘aggressive’ as their secular counterparts when portraying the message of their songs. Sadly, too many christian music artists try to emulate their secular counterparts. In my view.

    And then there is the doctrine, on which I do empathise. Totally! I got saved from being a near atheist 20 odd years ago then last year was on the brink of embracing atheism again. One thing that kept me going was worship. Not doctrine, which I found varied widely according to the beliefs of the church leader or leadership. One example was when my dad died a non christian. When I relayed my fears of his eternal destiny to a friend and that I couldn’t face being in church listening to hell-fire and damnation my friend very helpfully suggested I go to church lest I end up in the same place! People do say some meaningless and hapless things sometimes but I’m through all that now.

  9. We are all faced by the enemies deception and his end time plan is to elliminate the children of our Father physically and spiritually
    When the children of God steps out of the word and His comandments then they open themselves up to decieving doctrines of devils and spiritual forces in high places.
    We can only overcome by the word of our testimony and the blood of the Lamb that was slain for us on Calvary. Our greatest weapon in this time is prayer and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and teach us regarding all that Jesus had taught and told His dicipels .
    Psalm 32 vs 8 our Father promises us that He will teach and guide us and that His eye will be upon us . Do not look towards man to teach you but ask of God whom will generously give you the Holy Spirit . Do not fear what you will speak in that hour for the Spirit will give you wisdom what to say or speak . How much more will the Father not give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him. Amen and may God bless you all in Jesus name.

  10. It is a very ambitious thing to take it on onesef to clean up god TV. We are talking about one person who has fallen in temptation. There is no proof that Wendy has had an affair. Also if people are prospering through business why begrudge them. Some of God’s people do prosper. Not everybody is called to live in a two bedroom terraced house. There can be a reward for productivity.

    As far as I can see everything has been exposed already by Wendy. A lot of damage can be done to this work through false assumptions. Would you rather we just watch the rubbish we see on some of the ordinary channels and so called adult channels? Please also look at the good work they have done.

  11. I feel sorry for katesjc6189 who has a bitter/unforgiving spirit. We should not get influenced by people of this type. We are all accountable to the Lord Jesus individually on an one to One basis. Many “fallen” Christians have repented before the Lord and are at peace.with Him. Let’s not accuse them but let us ‘restore them in a spirit of gentleness considering ourselves lest we be also tempted'(Galatians 6:1). Note: satan is the accuser of our brethren and let us not do the same. God bless you all!

    • Thato there is a difference between a bitter/unforgiving spirit and a child of God who has been deeply wounded and wronged. Kate is the latter. She needs to feel the love of God not the wrath of other Christians. margaret

  12. I don’t know. I think she was trying to make a point generally about the christian media. I don’t agree with the swearing though. That rather works against the points she was making.

    I agree though Thato in not pouring condemnation on Rory nor justifying it either. He was obviously a target for Satan as anyone in positions of leadership will be. We are not called to judge people only actions and it was obviously wrong what he did. I agree that restoration is what is needed now not judgment.

    • I admire Kate for her work ..here..love the passion. ..

      Also howard condor at rev TV is about to fall ..statutory investigation by charity commission raided him a few weeks ago ..also he laundered money to Spain to buy a night club .. ..my god ..is there no one out there who just wants to share gospel ?

  13. The big issue with G-TV is the incoherence of its message.
    It appears that it will replay anything that it can get its hands on or pays for air-time.
    There’s the nutty Sid Roth who regularly reprises urban myths about Mr Obama and his links in Kenya with Islamic terrorists. There’s several ghastly “prosperity-preachers” whose message suggests that if you send them money the Almighty will reward you with earthly bounty. There’s a nasty Zionist strand where G-TV has helped raise money to plant trees on land that has been stolen from long-established Arabs. There’s a slew of charlatan “healers” like Hinn and worse – all crooks. There’s mad Ken Ham with his daft Museum & Ark building project.
    And so it goes with no common denominator of theology save that of needing money.

    It would be very interesting to know how the money flows in this scam; does the material from the USA get paid for or do the US preachers pay for its airing? Why do they skulk in Jerusalem? Are they being paid by the Israeli Government? How can the UK’s Charity Commissioners audit such a gang, with its money flowing from country to country?

    So that’s it: no coherence in its theology – just replayany old rubbish & a tangled web of finances, mostly off-shore! Brilliant scam.

  14. The channel runs by donations. I thought that being in Jerusalem was very prophetic as the whole end time clock revolves around Israel if you read the prophecies in the bible. Sounds illogical to us but not to god who knows what he is doing.

  15. Or maybe Jerusalem is well away from the enforcement of the UK’s authorities.
    The only end-time this lot are facing will be in a worldly court. Charity Commissioners, possibly, maybe the Police, who knows. Jolly clever to keep the operation “off-shore”. The folks in Newcastle must be wondering about their loans by now. Who knows?

    But the religious element is more important. It’s just a jig-saw. What about the random mish-mash of material? Why such a random mix of proven twaddle & crookedness? I think it’s whatever they can get their hands on, chosen at random to fill the air-waves between the beg-a-thons designed to bolster the life-styles of its Principals.

    Remember – the published accounts of this operation showed that the Stevens, (before Alec did a runner), took between them more that the UK Prime Minister in salary & fees. Was Alec’s escape simply about lust or just to get out while he could?

    We shall see. BTW whatever happened to the old cinema in Plymouth, “consecrated”, for a fee by that old fraud Hinn? Shouldn’t it be throbbing with eager “givers” generously supporting Wendy Stevens life style by now?

  16. I don’t think it right to judge so many christians without proof because one man fell. They are trying to do a good job in informing and enlightening. The people in the third world who face persecution are very grateful for a break through in the air ways when at one time bibles were forbidden. It is sad about Rory Alec but it is no reason to blacken the whole endeavour. One may not want to watch every programme. We are permitted to pick and choose. It is easy to sit back and judge without any proof of anything. All we know is that Rory Alec has been unfaithful.

    If God told them to set up in Jerusalem who are we to judge? Can you judge a man’s heart? I’d leave that to God.

  17. Pickle15:
    Don’t be daft. The random selection of contradictory video material – often plain crazies, often cynical money-grubbing, sometimes fraudulent pretend faith healing, frequently years out of date and very rarely relevant to the time of the church year, suggests that it is no more than a lucky-dip of video tapes chosen for reasons that have nothing to do with faith.
    Of the various channels showing tonight (Christmas Eve) two are showing a Summer Celebration!, two are showing a weird Carol Show and one is showing a preacher from a TV channel in Zurich (again with nothing about this holy time) with a by-line saying they are leaving G-TV. You’d get a better relevance choosing DVDs blindly in a charity shop/

    The only logical reason for this incoherent broadcasting is that it is driven by who pays most too whom rather than rue belief.

  18. If you can’t believe what I’m saying look at this evening’s material.
    This evening is called “Boxing Day” in UK, St, Steven’s Day in Christian countries, the day after our celebration of Christ’s birth.
    These crooks are vomiting out totally irrelevant material from a a pseudo-Christian pop concert filmed in the Summer, somewhere, with no relevance to this holy season and other totally irrelevant junk.

    Their choice of material says straight away that they despise their viewers & only try to reach them when there’s money being requested. Why isn’t there wall-to-wall material about the Nativity; where is the analysis and respectful discussion about its meaning – nowhere!
    They don’t have a video tape about that pre-recorded in the US by some crook.

    Where is the thoughtful, prayerful consideration of the Nativity? Nowhere. Ask why not?

    It’s as if Wendy Stevens has juke-box of dreadful, US-sourced rubbish, that is set to “random play”
    Please could people of faith wake up to this scam. This evidence is real.

    If anybody from the Christian groups who have mistakenly endorsed these crooks – have a look, think, please.
    It”s a money-machine. Ask yourselves why have they ignored the birth of our Saviour and kept on spewing out the same old irrelevant rubbish?

    May I suggest a clue: they don’t care as long as the Beg-a-Thons work to bring in the money.

  19. I don’t think we can judge what we don’t know. The bigger problem in the church could be deception. Are we seeing a wave of it in the last ten years or so. I would so value proper teaching on the TB for instance. I hear contrary remarks all the time. Who is right? Personal opinions are not enough. There are some of us who really want to discern the right path. I’m talking about those who believe in healing and the gifts of the spirit but are at the same time confused about the TB. Most people I know speak nothing but good of Bill Johnson but isn’t he actually a part of all this TB stuff. He certainly has a flavour of it from what I have seen. This thing seems bigger than all of us. Would there was someone with clear teaching on this who didn’t just rely on putting others down except to protect the flock of course.

  20. As I continue to observe – G-TV runs on & on like a juke box set on “Random Play”.
    Today, Good Friday, almost nothing about the day’s significance.
    However, 3 of its worldwide streams are churning out disgraceful Jewish material, while another is showing a scatty woman preaching against evolution. Do they try to be offensive as possible or is it just by accident?
    Earlier today, G-TV’s random player excelled itself with three of its channels showing material from crooks who are under investigation by the US Authorities for financial irregularities,

    Surely the employees must realise how wrong this is?

    When will someone on the inside call this sham out publicly?

  21. I think their heart is right but sometimes there is a mixture. Backing Todd Bentley’s comeback was a wrong move I think. I think it is good that they see the importance of Israel. That is a sign to me that they are not off the rails but are discerning more truth than one normally sees in churches.

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