NEWSFLASH God TV is doing a Angel Partner Week or Missions Week in brand new clothing to raise 100,000 Partners to give the Ministry financial stablity and foundations

In all but name the above happening on we now have a  Missions Week running that is IDENTICAL to the previous formats but with a brand new name and colour.

News so far GOD TV HAS NOW 18,000 to 20,000 Partners 5,000-3,000 on yesterdays estimate. They want 100,000 Partners for long term  stable financing rather than ride ‘the blessings and challenges’ of living from hand to mouth on Missions Weeks to Missions Weeks.

We all know that the MW Format is BROKEN. God TV now has broken up it’s fundraising into proposed Pastors Tour (£6m desired result), The Million Trees Project £6m, this unexpected MW (God TV always wants more money than it’s most devoted will supply), and of course our old pal MW turning up in it’s familiar repetive format in the second half of the year (expect 60 days or 2 months and more failure).

Only THIS TIME God TV has 30 days to raise 100,000 Partners. Fundings if got would raise from £18m to £25m which is something they have done before. OTHERWISE THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES FOR GOD TV AND THE FUTURE IS JEOPARDISED BY LACK OF STABLE FUNDING.

This is just   a quick post.

Todd Bently was again paraded out. God TV have suffered because of their denying how the Church has suffered and how Churches have closed down in Florida and Rory Alec wants to open hundreds of Churches alongside Water wells in the desert lands of Africa.

Lakeland ‘outpourings’ continued: God TV puts ad out for people to attend Roy Fields Events

Hello folks

This morning I woke up to a God TV ad literally giving the address and contact details of the Vineyard Church which the Roy Fields ‘revival fire’ events are happening. From what I have seen the meetings look sparsley attended with the fan club of Lakeland coming out in force. One of the key lessons I am learning from God TV is THERE WILL ALWAYS BE FANS IE PASTORS AND OTHER FOLKS WHO WILL LOVE AND SUPPORT GOD TV/LAKELAND ETC.  That is a fact of life. Those fans will always come to the defence of their beloved. They will pen good reviews on Amazon indeed the Fans will seek to counter (on God tV Joyners behest?) the negative reviews given by other Reviewers.

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