Lakeland ‘outpourings’ continued: God TV puts ad out for people to attend Roy Fields Events

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This morning I woke up to a God TV ad literally giving the address and contact details of the Vineyard Church which the Roy Fields ‘revival fire’ events are happening. From what I have seen the meetings look sparsley attended with the fan club of Lakeland coming out in force. One of the key lessons I am learning from God TV is THERE WILL ALWAYS BE FANS IE PASTORS AND OTHER FOLKS WHO WILL LOVE AND SUPPORT GOD TV/LAKELAND ETC.  That is a fact of life. Those fans will always come to the defence of their beloved. They will pen good reviews on Amazon indeed the Fans will seek to counter (on God tV Joyners behest?) the negative reviews given by other Reviewers.

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Missions Week Update: Rory Alec wants entire Annual Income of £12.5m on back of Lakeland Fiasco, the aborted B2B Campaign and Overspending on Million Trees Project in Israel

I reckon that there are off the Record Expenses as well like the still not paid for Israel Broadcast Centre. Cost £1.5m only £400,000 raised in a wave of support. The possible buying of Acre for Recognition Centre /Garden of Remembrance; and the desired Reservoir on the Negev Desert costing at least £2m in 2006 prices, more with inflation and more with Credit Crunch which I believe may hit God TV who has relied on unwanted lines of Credit from Suppliers ie Markosia, and on the Banks which I believe would give them a bad Credit Rating.

Update God TV plans to plant first trees UPDATE NEW VIDEO PRE-RECORD DETAILS God TV posted update pre-recorded VT.

RORY ALEC STILL PUSHING FOR 1 MILLION TREES. 18 MONTH TIME SPAN REVISED from 12 months to give the Ministry an appearance of longevity with first tree planted after Missions week (check facts). 12 Forests of 20,000 trees only nearly 300,000 trees got to do the maths to get figures. Rory alec still has this crazy idea that full £12.5m is achievable. Only £4m has been raised. See current trend in Pledge Fulillment. This would be an excellent MW if it had not been for Bentley/Lakeland scandal which God TV endorses in a letter sent. (might send donation too!); the overspends on Israel, the off the Expenses land purchase of land for God TV ‘Recognition’ Centre aka Garden of Remembrace (sounds so funereal doesn’t it!!). God TV Prophets notably Joyner et al AND TODD BENTLEY shamlessly paraded without shame on MW coverage letter/email justifies the Scandal that is shutting down CHURCHES in Lakeland (I need to find source and post a link) with all the fallout following: NAR prophets speaking out against it, Dutch Sheets, Richard Riccardelli etc.

What is the reckoning that God TV are running big Deficits which in all probability may end up in their unexpected demise?

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China also beckons on Expense List at £6.5m with only a third £2.5m raised from High Worth Doners in Hong Kong. The Current £4m does not even cover China, let alone as I wrote before Hawaii/Bahamas home of Myles Monroes or another area which does not immediatly come to mind.

When they got bailed out on the £6m NOW project It was GRACE on behalf of the viewers not a regular habit. When they got Hong Kong (figure not stated but Weekend long campaign stated) it was chance not grace. The Bail out that stopped God TV from folding.