2 thoughts on “God TV break the Insular Cultural Ghetto Model to hold onto Whistleblowing Staff

  1. Lots of jobs, apparently quite senior, being advertised on God-less-TV’s website.
    No indication of salaries, very fundraising orientated. They can’t all be on zero-hours, minimum, can they?

    So, when the new recruits arrive, who will they be replacing. Old hands; sacked, or maybe seen the light & escaped!

    BTW: As I keep on repeating in my posts – same old tired US twaddle. Where do they get it from?
    Almost nothing that causes us to reflect on this holy season. As I have said many times before … it’s put together like a random juke box of US crazies. However, not quite so many Zionist crazies lately – I guess that’s an improvement.

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