God TV rewrites History once again by completely writing out Rory Alec’s part of the Story


accessed Monday 17 June 2015
Wendy Alec is a prolific writer (Midas PR London couldn’t do anything with the GodTV  Brief!!)and award-winning TV producer (Christian Broadcasting Council is headed up by their mates Chris Cole of Cross Rhythms)who heads up the global( 500k global viewers NOT GLOBAL!) GOD TV network. Wendy was born in London and grew up in South Africa. She trained in Speech & Drama and worked in the advertising / TV production industries in Johannesburg, first as a copywriter, then as a Creative Director. Wendy returned to the UK in 1991 where she co-founded GOD TV in 1995, Europe’s first daily Christian television network, which has grown rapidly over the past 20 years, now with a broadcast reach of 951 million viewers.(WENDY ALEC IS A DELUSIONAL FANTASTIST ANYONE WHO READS HER BOOKS AND THEY ARE UNREADABLE WILL SEE THAT SHE IS NOT A WRITER AND NEVER WELL BE)

As the GOD TV’s Head of Programming, Creative Director and a television host, Wendy’s objective has always been to make Christian television relevant to the unchurched and to reach a younger demographic of viewers. As GOD TV’s Executive Producer she has won several awards from the Christian Broadcasting Council of the UK. In 2014 she became the network’s President and continues to lead GOD TV from its broadcast headquarters in Jerusalem.(CHRIS COLE ON THE CHRISTIAN BROADCASTING COUNCIL ONLY TOO GLAD TO GIVE HIS MATE AN AWARD OR TWO NOT FROM EXTERNAL CHRISTIAN BODIES EXPOSED FIRST ON THIS BLOG!)

Wendy is also the Director of WarBoys Entertainment.(NO PUBLISHERS WOULD PUBLISH HER SO CALLED SERIES  OF NOVELS WHICH ARE SO BAD AS TO BE UNREADABLE MY WORST BLOG POST BEATS HER ANYDAY) She was coached in screenplay writing by Hollywood professionals( NO HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER OR ANY UNIVERSITY ACADEMIC WOULD TOUCH HER WITH A BARGEPOLE) and has several screenplays in development. She is the best-selling author of the epic fantasy saga, Chronicles of Brothers. The first four books in the series: The Fall of Lucifer; Messiah – The Final Judgment; Son of Perdition; and A Pale Horse have been published and other titles are in the pipeline. Wendy has also written the Journal of the Unknown Prophet and Visions From Heaven.(GOD TV  HAS LOTS OF SPAMMED REVIEWS BY FRIENDS OF THE MINISTRIES WHO ARE ILLITERATES)

3 thoughts on “God TV rewrites History once again by completely writing out Rory Alec’s part of the Story

  1. I was really blessed by the book the unknown prophet , which was given to me , it brought me into a deeper relationship with God

    • We welcome Apologists for God TV on this site unlike God TV that uses PR and Spin to silence it’s critics.

    • Wendy Alec is a False Prophet BEWARE she does not even follow normal prophetic protocol ie every prophecy is different EVEN IF WRONG.

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