Whistleblowers Comments who responded to my Invitation to whistleblow on God TV

This is the beginning of the end for Godtv, with Rory Alec committing adultery with an Austrian divorcee. Please don’t feed sorry for Wendy Alec, more details come out about the internal goings on within this organisation and you will all see how false this pair are. The supporters have been paying for the lavish lifestyle over the years and the shit is about to hit the fan

Alleluia. The Supporters need to be woken up about how the money is spent.
God TV have been spying on this blog and Dean Seddon on the Global Leadership Executive under Wendy Alec is also spying.
But they don’t stand a chance when people wake up to
false doctrines (rick joyner dismantling disbanding ministries works error) prophets apostles (error), how THEIR money IS SPENT, (gulfsteam jet, mansion in yealhmptn, Linwood house kansas), the scandals

their friends The Message Trust suppressing covering up how Raze child abusers got away with it.#childabusescandalmessagetoschoolsthemsessagetrust.
Hopefully this blog the work of Lucas Labrador and many others can wake them up and Missions Week Revival alert see the beginning of god tv becoming toast,
Its going to be an interesting live broadcast by WA on Wednesday evening, I am sure she will spit out a bucket full of lies as to why RA stepped down as CEO……hope seddon is reading, he is next for the chop….
s tI would be very interested on how Wendy Alec funds the publishing of her books, they seem to get an awful lot of airtime on the channel promoting them and I have heard that cost to broadcast 1 minute of satellite time is around £60, so this surely adds up. What about production costs of creating the advertising. Does Wendy personally pay for this out of her huge forturne, or does it come out of the company with her creaming off all the profits?the way of their so called five fold prophetic works.

She can’t even write! she isn’t a writer! it is a shame to the Church and name of God that she even pretends to be a writer. Part of the violent spirituality God TV inflicts on us.

Rory Alec disembarked from God TV Jet in Africa to see Annie Chikwaza Orphan Project.
I think it is fairly self evident that God TV owns a Mansion in Devon. So if you don’t like it..

An appeal to the Plymouth employees of G-TV.
You good folks must know the truth – come back here, anonymously and give us some answers, please.

God TV has so mamy holes in the garment they are in spiritual danger.
Apart from that they and their mates despise the sheep. The mark of true spirituality is a love of the sheep by evangelists. They follow false doctrines of Rick Joyner.
I would feel sorry for them and not afraid. Evangelism and social concern are no markers of belonging to Jesus.

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