Christian TV under attack like never before?

Chris Cole, Wendy Alec and God TV or Cross Rhythms Staff it could be anyone you give yourselves away under the fraudelent cover of so -called Christian don’t criticise Christian Media watch (!!!!! wtf!!))). I asked you a question WHO ARE YOU? I HAVE HAD NO ANSWER. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU. You are just Fergus Scarfe dressed up as a partisan biased Christian Media Organisation. you have been found out. I noticed that God TV had awards given by their mates in CBC themselves another front for the governmental goals of God TV and those espousing dominionist extra biblical doctrines.


Just 20 years ago Christian TV was in its infancy in the United Kingdom. Today there are some 17 channels on the SKY satellite platform.  It seems there is a growing demand for different streams of Christian television, and sufficient interest amongst British viewers to sustain so many Christian networks. However there is also much criticism targeted at particular Christian series and at particular networks. The irony is that the most venomous attacks seem to be coming from other believers. This is not a good witness to the world. It seems Christian TV is under attack like never before and Bible believers need to rally to trust God for His intervention.

GOD TV, Revelation TV, TBN, Daystar, UCB, Inspiration, LoveWorld, The Gospel Channel, The Word Network, EWTN, Faith World, KICC TV, Believe TV, Olive TV, SBN, Flow TV and ACBN. These are the 17 Christian Channels on SKY, in EPG sequence and reflecting…

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2 thoughts on “Christian TV under attack like never before?

  1. We are an independent group of Christian writers. We do not represent any one particular Christian Network or station. GOD TV has been a key focus due to its prominence as a pioneer and also due to its current leadership crisis. None of our writers are included in the list of names you have mentioned so please don’t credit them for our articles. We don’t want to focus on personality but on message. Our message is that the Christian media needs to do better and all believers need to work together to acccomplish this. Let’s work together Kate. God bless you.

    As our About section states: Christian Media Watch is a group of Media Professionals who are committed to monitoring Christian TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Websites, blogs and social media platforms to see how these can be improved to provide a greater witness to the world of the truth of the Gospel.

    • Liars you represent God TV, Cross Rhythms, Dodgy Word of Faith preachers, suspect Christian TV and Radio and are a dubious front of so-called unity for these bodies,a typical Joynerism.
      You profess to despise Joyner but you are really ardent fans.
      You profess independence but you are partisan. It is the likes of you who will resist regulation because it interfereres with WOF models of financing. You are just after a trouble free way to introduce extra-biblical erroneous AMERICAN flakey doctrines into the uk using God TV, Cross Rhythms and UCB all net American importers who pay scant regard to the thriving Church in uk.
      I don’t believe you any more than i believe the fraudelent Christian Broadcasting Council.
      You lot are so deluded that you think people can’t see through this guff but this person has and can and others will.
      I also notice you are trying to hijack the blog. Too much of a threat are we???
      YOu tell me who you arel each of you. In a court you would have no choice.
      Another layer of scandal to add to the already lethally scandelous mixture of God TV now Cross Rhtyms etc,

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