Resubmitted Post:Benny Hinn Rory and Wendy Alec’s friend and Initial first financer of the Channel Don’t you see a Scandal afloat

Note here: The Church that is picking up the pieces the fallout from #bennyhinns Ministry.#falseprophet
Originally published on The Governmental Goals of God T

The Governmental Goals of God TV

Dear Readers

As you noted the Benny Hinn Post was duplicated at least 5 x this is to make life a little easier.

If you watch the Benny Hinn show on God TV, TBN, Daystar, Revelation TV you will notice that HE ALWAYS TALKS ABOUT MONEY ABOUT 10MINUTES BEFORE THE END OF THE SHOW and HE ALWAYS IS FLOGGING A LATEST ITEM OF HIS MERCHANDISE ‘MADE DESIGNED ESPECIALLY FOR YOU’ (The merchandise by the way is a cheap bit of kitsch one could buy in some low class dive purporting to sell souviners   to an unsuspecting and tasteless public) .

To the unsuspecting and Biblically ignorant public (I need to do something on CWR’s Campaign to end Bible Illiteracy as a counter to this) ; because he engages with ‘healings’ and evangelism and social concern people think they are onto the genuine article. But we all know of passages…

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