Partially Hidden Censorship by IHOP on Mission Critical Forum for me

IHOPER (Mike Bickle’s House of Prayer) Censorship of me by someone who claimed to be in Desert Stream. A Ministry to help Christians with sex and sexaulity.
I was going to write to the Heads of the Ministry to get them to let me in instead of this Gatekeeper.
#sex #sexaulity #loveaffairs#lovelife
Their mishandling mean’t I no longer wish to be part of this.

The Governmental Goals of God TV

Why did you delete my Postxxxxxx Please kindly explain I am wondering if a more relaxed easy context might be helpful i have Googletalk and Yahoo as messengers because I don’t sense a Welcome from you.
my real identity means pure katharos purgation the real deal by the way.
I sense a bit of a closed mind in you which will inhibit your ministry as a Desert Streamer HuhUndecidedPERSONAL MESSAGE ONE OF AT LEAST TWO WHICH WERE IGNORED AND NOT REPLIED TOO


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Hey xxxxx (Real name withheld)

Are you open to Forum Suggestions? I was thinking it would be nice to have a General Forum area, where things of everyday life could be talked about (book & movie reviews, life situations, a place to post prayer requests & answered prayer, etc.) Even a place for silly things (answer…

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