Given Evidence that God TV HAVE RAISED THEMSELVES UP n-o-t G-o-d

Unlike Gerald Keehan a Pastor in London wrote the following in
response to a letter in which the teachings of the GOD TV were
“….Ask yourself the question by what authority you attack or
undermine other Christians? What major church or ministry
have you built? God anoints leadership and puts them in place
to speak and lead. If you’re not in that place – you are not
anointed to do it – so be quiet! Sadly a lot of your letter is due to
immaturity and naivety. Basically a lot of teaching is beyond
you but you can with a right heart acquire understanding. Being
a judge to the body will not do it. A Christian raising himself up
to knock major ministries is called immaturity at best….”

The Governmental Goals of God TV

Page 1
On the 1st October 1995, seen the launch of a
‘The Christian Channel Europe’ which is today know as “GOD TV
[ch.47 Astra 1C(11170.75MHz). This channel was to be Europe’s first
daily ‘Christian’ Television Channel, which would reach out to millions
of people throughout Europe with ‘Bible’ based family viewing and

As founders of ‘Christian Channel
Europe’ [CCE] Rory and Wendy Alec ‘accepted’ the challenge of
providing a channel committed to ‘Christian’ views, beliefs and
lifestyle back in September 1994. On the prompting of the ‘Holy
Spirit’ a vision for Christian TV in Europe started as a two hour
programme broadcast from their kitchen table and grew to be a multi-
channel network of Christian TV and Radio programmes broadcasting
to a potential 80 million people in 58 nations across the UK, Europe,
Western Russia, North Africa and the Middle…

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