8 thoughts on “£64m or $64m God TV has a significant Deficit quote d as figures above.Look at how few pledges there are.

  1. I am not following all this, as my data allowance will not allow it, or my stomach take it. However, you cannot go on and on doing beg-a-thons as people become inured to it all. This ongoing testimony against the Lord, calling Him and uncaring and inactive and useless person by not providing for them is appalling. The only reason why they do not have His support is simply that it is not His work. ‘Ask and ye shall receive’. If they are not getting the money it may well be that the Lord is stopping people sending money.

  2. Take a rest God TV have longhad financial problems and display visible incompetence in raising funds.TBN coming to the UK knows how to raise funds and has lots of false teachers. God TV can’t be bothered to adopt TBN’s efficient methodology. Take care (((Justin)))) xx

    • We will see what happens. I am speaking to people who knew Rory and Wendy in the beginning and finding out what went on then.

  3. Don’t know why that last message you sent me is not here, but I don’t know what you mean by how they liked my comment……

  4. I don’t know either. But I know this site has Enemies as do you. Why do you think Christian Media Watch a front for Cross Rhythms, God TV is treating us so badly. And there is the Margaret Keir problem. We need corroborative (evidence that hangs together) from God TV Employees/Volunteers so we are able to have Court Cases. In these circumstances Pro Bono Legal support would be most handy! x

    • Ah well, every Christian has Satan and his crew for enemies, nothing new there…. I don’t think God TV would be so daft as to go for legal routes. A child of the light has nothing to hide, and to expose themselves as Satan’s people would be a disaster.

      We can also make generalised comments as making specific claims without foundation could be difficult.

      I have no idea who Margaret Keir is.

  5. Margaret Keir is a long time Supporter of God TV who has supported GodTV from it’s inception.
    As for generalised claims I would always prefer to be in a position of ACTAUL facts rather than speculative claims. Hence you are so jolly useful for this blog.
    I am also delighted to see Reporters and God TV ex employees or current volunteers on this blog what higher endorsement could you want?? xx

  6. Bro Justin if they have nothing to hide then anything Legal should not irk them if on the other hand they are breaking the laws of the UK then everything to fear.

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