6 thoughts on “Now we see Rory and Wendy’s Devon Mansion via the splendidly sleuther Lucas Labrador

  1. I know these guys well i met them when they first arrived in the UK, they wanted to be involved in christian tv, had no vision at all, in fact pinched the idea from somebody else,,another story,,they have left a trail of disaster behind them,,they wree both in a band in SA and trying to get back into the limelight,,they couldn’t wait,,Rory used to boast about getting private jets one day and fighting of the girls,, Wendy was just $$ driven, ruthless, all she wanted was to become rich,,(following the examples of TBN, their then idols)….l was actually a ‘co founder’, if not more, in those days it was called The Christian Channel Europe, l was their business manager and negotiated the first sky contract, they said they couldn’t ‘front it’, l bought sky to the table, they had no idea what to do or where to go, and were talking about putting some videos on cable,, as nobody would take them seriously,,once they got that they then reneged on their agreement with me. l have watched this couple over the years,,they are false for sure, but know how to work the magic,, my company supported them financially from the outset, as did a good friend of mine, who took them in when they arrived from SA bankrupt,,,,,,penniless and homeless, they had no skills at all, at first i thought they were genuine, maybe a little naive,,but we funded their trip to the US and did the rounds for them,,they are completely false…i am sure they have both had numerous affairs if one was to dig deeper,,,Chris Dandridge ( hope your reading this Rory & Wendy, maybe its time eh !)

  2. ‘,they have left a trail of disaster behind them’

    Employees: Employment Tribunals
    Viewers whose lives have been ruined by deception, distraction, false doctrine, God TV taking the piss financially seeing as God TV ask HUGE SUMS from viewers citing spiritual grounds Father Son and Holy spirit when they are financially incompetent refusing to listen to Professionals ie accountants who can help save the ministry.
    Those who are forced to bail them out because of their alledged *friendship* with them. to pay additional costs by way of massive donations who are coerced into the positive only mindset insulating falsely God TV from justified valid and timely criticism.
    Damaging Rick Joyner theology this alone must have legal consequences.
    Do we have any interested concerned experienced Lawyers watching this blog who can pain ta legal picture for us. I can try because I reckon their legal liabilties are skyrocketing,

    • How come? this blog has attracted first class whistleblowers. God TV arse in trouble just for offending those people, but alienating the staff bad idea!

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