God TV only takes 200 people round derelict freezing cold legally non existent centre and refuses to show live footage of

God TV managed to get over 1000 to its inaugural Meeting in the Non Legally Existing Entity they call falsely illegally and I believe unlawfully the ‘Revival Prayer Centre’ a building they use as though it was their own and fully paid for.

One of the panels fell this fact was viewed of no report which viewers are supposed to take on trust without any disturbance whatsoever.

The fact that a further 50 tonnes of rubble needed to be removed and they had invited viewers to their buildng only demonstrates God TV  Directors utter indifference to the health and safety of their ever patient viewers.

Their original plan was for 1000 viewers to tour the building, they ended up taking 200.

Check the papers they don’t have to sign.

No hard hats and flourescent jackets?  God TV only has a limited supply prefering to have the Directors in protective gear and not the viewers.

200 people toured a building site. I doubt that God TV has performed a strutural survey of hte building.

200 people God TV god TV were wiling to risk with their lives.



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