Here above is John Cooper QC who implores us TO USE THE LAW, DON’T BE AFRAID OF IT.

I wonder is it LEGAL to conduct everyday office tasks in an Unrefurbished Shell with no running hot water no electricity and as far as I know as God TV has a poor compliance record  with submitting financial returns no obvious attempt to comply in this instance with the Laws on Health and Safety?

The Evidence:  They have the Call Centre Front of House on display operators dressed up in fleeces answering calls for prayer requests, but no hard hats and yellow vests. In this way God TV Directors are putting themselves at risk as well as their Volunteers.

Electricity is run by a Generator.Rory Alec plus Directors insist on occupying the space, the main unrefurbished dusty shell of a building awaits  Rory and Wendy Alec conducting a prayer meeting in the shell.

No strutural survey evidence given whether building is safe and whether the ceiling might fall in. The council were glad to get rid of it as in a very dilapidated state.

NO health and safety officer. No obvious and apparent signs of this.

But I wonder it is even LEGAL to occupy a severely dilapidated building in the sense of conducting essential money gathering and prayer request business in what is a cleaned out shell???


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