39 thoughts on “Someone who feels mostly same way as me on God TV

  1. Whistleblower back with more news from insider(s) who have friend(s) within the office at plymouth. I can tell you the address.It is near Yealmpton, Devon. It is kept very secret. It is a very big house. email address for this comment is THE postcode for that house. My informant(s) states that they run a studio from there, here is my the information I can gather so far. Some big news would be that it sounds like two non christians are going to get sacked to save a christian staff member, the details are thin but it is related to a christian male who has a deep grudge for his co workers in the video department. I spoke to my contact last night and he said that this is looking bad for the two non christians. So like before, the warning about even contemplating working at that fraudulent place remains in place. More about that as I find out. It is said that they are looking at buying 2 buildings in Plymouth. One is next to a strip club on the Union Street and details are a bit confused but it could also be the old land registry office as a secondary base for staff (fools). I wonder if they have any money left for this.

    • Thanks Anon for this very informative Post which you have gotten under extremely difficult circumstances.
      From the Channel I understand they own a Mansion with a very High Wall with which they are able to hide with fields on either side. This does not surprise me as God TV seeks to hide everything they do both [real] Agenda and Movements.
      No surprises on the grudges Department the Channel has no commitment to its workers and I have every confidencce that they extract more than what is proportionate reasonable and fair from their employees in order to survive.
      They despise any but their own, Todd Bentley is no exception as i believe he is trying struggling to escape their grasp.

  2. Hello. I am the man on the video asking for whistleblowers. Whilst I don’t quite agree with what you say, on every point at least, I thought you might like to know something. I got an email from YouTube earlier saying that, due to a legal complaint, they had blocked my video from being viewed in the UK. Someone is very nervous, and I am increasingly smelling a rat. That video on this site only works as it is linked and not direct, on YouTube, viewing.

    Someone kindly sent me the postcode for Rory and Wendy’s mansion in Yealmpton, near Plymouth, but I have yet to check out who it is registered to etc., so cannot be quite sure they are right. However, the mansion would be ‘par for the course’ for such people.

    Someone also kindly contacted me asking for a private email address, and I would be pleased to hear what they have to say, when they write back to me.

    Something is seriously wrong here. Despite not being ministers, or even born of the Holy Spirit of God, their is something else going on with Rory and Wendy and their religious machine. I want to hear what really goes on behind the scenes, and then I will publish it (all those who give me info will not be mentioned, or course, I don’t wish to cause anyone any trouble, just get at the truth).

    Justin Hughes.


      • I suspect that the motive is as you say. However, silencing critics is not the right way before God. My Vimeo account got closed down yesterday, probably due to a complaint by them. There was a lot of activity on that account the day before. This is subject to appeal of course, but the silencing of critics is what they are succeeding in doing at the moment. if they want war they can have it. God listens to me….. They will be wiped off the map soon.

  3. Good Day.
    I found this site from a post about not working for godtv. I can possibly help here.
    I also know the address. I can confirm that they live in a very large mansion close to the office in Plymouth. Their real name is not Alec that is used for obvious reasons. The mansion might be registered under their real names.

    I would strongly suggest that you look at this link. Just think about all those people who donate money.

    Places people should visit whilst in Devon.

    • Hello, very interesting link, duly saved to my system.

      I know the village it is in, I will have to get down there soon with my video camera. Going to be looking online for other stuff.

      I would be interested in interviewing an employee or ex-employee while in Devon. As you seem to be one would you be interested? Do you know others who are still employed there or are ex-employees who have a real handle on what goes on privately?

  4. Justin maybe we could be more of a Team? There are things you won’t approve or nor me yoiu, but let’s look at how we might be off help to one another as you are clearly on the ball and The Governmental Goals of God TV by the grace of GOD the Wikileaks of the God TV blogging community. USP.

    • We can help each other out, sure. I was talking to a man in Plymouth last night, who told me that many God TV staff attend the River Church in Plymouth, and others. I would be good to have a chat with some of them and find out what is going on. I will going down there soon to try and get some pictures and see if I can see some people while there.

      If I do any interviews the interviewees identity would have to be protected, or course.

      I would not agree about the governmental goals of God TV as they plainly do not have the wit to do such a thing, it is the damage to people that gets me, and the demonic lies being broadcast. Added to that, the money making antichrist spirit of it all is dragging the name of my Lord through the dirt.

      It seems they have succeeded in having my Vimeo account taken down too. I am appealing on that one.

    • Instead of Christians joining forces to trash other Christians, shouldn’t we be unifying to see God’s Kingdom established?

      • I see my comment is waiting moderation? Yet you seem to feel that you can say what you like about other Christians without anybody moderating you????

      • There is not wide understanding on the Threat that God TV and it’s ilk pose to the Church so it is very difficult to have moderation when there are disparate sites rightly critiquing them.
        There ARE moderate voices but it is only because they have grace to do things ie forgive them which I find impossible to do.

      • You will never get unity with the likes of God TV around who wish to impose their will on everyone. that isn’t unity its dictatorship.

      • Hmmm….. well I wonder what you are up to, James. God TV gets people to attack my videos, now it appears you are here appealing for the demonic… You must be one of the Satan’s folks. You are appealing for that which is nothing whatever to do with God, and you are suggesting unity with those who are demonic fakes. I think you should take yourself somewhere else.

        God TV is just the modern equivalent of the cursed pope religion, keeping some actual Christians in utter bondage to Satan’s fake church work. It needs to be taken off air.

  5. I would hire specialist Media Lawyers QC’s to get Youtube A/cnt back. They are quite litigious but I believe their Cases are weak.

  6. My favourites would be John Cooper QC and Geoffrey Robertson QC on the Media front. Both very skilled and able QC’s well able to do it provided they can get at the Evidence!
    I think EVIDENCE for such Cases is the sticking point. God TV, cross Rhythms, Message to Schools (The Message) because they despise and hate the Shepherd store up for themselves infinite Liabilities.

  7. Thanks, but on YouTube it is only the one video and it can be viewed elsewhere in the world. However, my Vimeo account has been closed due to some little darling engaging in anti-Christian, anti-truth activity. Not a problem, there are other ways round this.

  8. There is a saying in International Diplomacy, “My enemy’s enemy is my friend”.
    Often correct but beware. While Justin attacks God TV with some accurate and wise observations, there is more to him than this.
    Be very careful.
    His own videos suggest that he is as mad as a hatter himself – with evidence of blatant misogyny. anti-speak to any & all other branches of Christianity and a very very singular view on who is & will be saved.

    However, while I think his own interpretation of Scripture is both balmy & offensive, there is just one way in which he is better than the Zionist-loving, money making crooks on God TV – he doesn’t continually bang-on about money.

    For that, and probably that alone, he should be praised. For his views on religion – he’s quite an unpleasant dingbat. If you don’t believe me, look at his other videos. I was especially repelled about his rejection of young people and children in his view of Christianity – “Suffer little children …. etc”

    So beware before accepting on face-value support for your very good cause of exposing GOD TV from anybody who is him/herself as questionable in what they preach.

    Good Luck .. keep up the good work of calling out the wickedness of the totally misnamed GOD TV, especially as the Stevens set off on yet another money-grubbing “mission” to support their luxury lifestyles.

    • I think his religious outlook is wrong but on God TV where it matters he is spot on. Thank you for caring enough to point it out.

  9. I have never come across so many inaccuracies in one blog! I was curious and read your blog and decided to investigate myself. With a little research it is clear so many of the so called facts here are grossly inaccurate. If you do want to investigate this ministry, try to do it on fact rather than make it up.

    • I notice you work for God TV who are in such a habit of rewriting their History to suit their own purposes it takes ME to discipher the signs to get at the true on.

    • Well God TV is a bit late signing up for my blog posts!!!!!!!!!! I note God TV used Staff under the guise of anonymity to accuse me of hurting the Ministry.
      This a Ministry which attacks the Church at every opportunity. i hope the church wakes up to this because you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • AMEN brother,, I don’t totally agree with the way they keep asking for money,, as this should be an evangelistic tv station, I had a friend tune in,, he persevered with God tv for a whole week then said to me, all he kept hearing was Give give give,, and nothing to help his walk in finding God,, , this disappointed me so much with God tv,, but I seriously do think there vision is correct, its just they seem to go round it totally the wrong way 😦

  10. How long is a Mission Week?
    GT have been running their money-grubbing fest for what seems an age, certainly more than a week. What extravagant or luxurious item do the Stevens need to buy now to adorn their properties & lavish lifestyle?
    When you look behind the lives of the “pastors” they broadcast you can see a common theme of luxurious living built at the expense of the sad people who are sending them money.
    While I have problems with a lot that Justin Hughes says, he has hit it spot-on when he asks why aren’t these rich pastors donating rather than taking from their relatively poor subscribers.
    Perhaps they’ve pledged more money to their apartheid activities in Israel where they are funding the persecution of poor Bedouin people.
    It stinks to high heaven!

  11. I was surprised when I made my comments on 24 Sept. that the concept of a “week” seemed a bit different in the weird world of G-TV.
    I’ve been away and have just looked that their website on Thursday Oct 17th., and their “week” continues.
    Is this extension of the natural order that has always suggested that a week on earth is about seven days a manifestation of a new order in which a week can last for months?
    Or does it suggest that the Stephens haven’t sucked enough from their sad followers yet?
    What is this time – new cars, yet more property, jewels for her-ladyship or even their own aeroplane just like the very strange US preachers have.

    I think we should be told what all this money is really for.

    • I hope you get productive and fruitful results but I would not hold out any hope of God TV behaving like normal organisations as all their output is carefully monitored spin. This blog is here to tell the many untold stories and even I have to refer to it to get refreshed in their history.
      They are always rewriting their history so another thing to watch out for.

  12. I see that the grossly misnamed God TV has announced the “consecration” of the re-worked cinema in Plymouth – in Jan 2014.
    I also see that Benny Hinn is booked as top of the bill to play-act on their new stage If you read up about BH on Wiki, look at his history and read about his brushes with the US Authorities, you’ll see just how appropriate a choice this fellow is.
    I suppose they would have preferred the tattooed wonder from Canada but since he’s banned by the Govt. from entering the UK, they went for the next best thing!

    • But as we all know the sole purpose of the Prayer Revival Centre which is but a scooped out dusty Shell is to get Todd Bentley back and to bypass the legal ban on him in this country. No doubt God TV are consulting with top Media Lawyers but knowing what I know about the Law and Lawyers, God TV will not be able to pay the Fees.

    • God TV like to do business with people on an on Credit basis. They will find though that may work with the Lawyers for a time it will come back to bite them.

  13. Quite disturbing that the comment I made in recent times has been deleted! Do you only want people to post on your site that are haters trolls and completely inadequate in the ways of God. I gave a fairly reasonable testimony of how God asks us to deal with deception false prophets and not to get into personal condemnation re money…as you could hear from multitudes of ministries over any given time, through whatever media medium you choose and God would not expect you to give to them all. My thought is if you are unsure go away and pray and if God is leading you give, but never give out of emotionalism. I also shared how God tv from its conception has been a life saver to me and my family after being in a church when new christians that started off right but became heavy shepherds manipulative and damaging…God wont be mocked and shut that place down..it has left 100’s still as spiritual orphans and so I thank God for christian television, are they always right? no and that is because there will always be wheat with the tears, but you dont throw the baby out with the bath water and God as I said gives guidelines how people should respond and deal with these situations. At the very best you guys should be seeking to protect yourselves under Gods own government and not fall into the trap of being unrighteousness yourselves and bringing judgement on your own actions…accusers of the bretheren is not a good place to be..yes judge and test for yourselves and yes get together and pray and intercede for those you think need this spiritual covering…dont be part of the problem be part of the solution…maybe you need a revelation from God himself to open your spiritual eyes to the spiritual battle between good and evil that we are in…its not pretty I for one feel sorry for those that have got into this trap of self appointed judge jury and executioner…and it is people who feel misunderstood maligned rejected etc who have the greatest passion and motivation to do the Devils dirty works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I have total respect in the vision God tv has,, but to be honest I seriously think they seem to be going about things the wrong way,, for example I have a non believing friend who is seriously seeking who God is, but dosent want to come to church,, well someone suggested God tv,, and so he said about a year ago he tuned in for a couple of days, only to find all they kept doing was “as he said” was asking for money” so again I said to try again about a month ago, and to my horror he came back saying EXACTLY the same,, for a whole 2 weeks he tuned in every now again, and said they were again asking for money for some building in Plymouth and learnt Absoloutly Nothing about who God / Jesus is,, he was quiet disgusted, and is not pursuing the Christian faith,, im sure there must be another way to run a tv company if these people are supposed to be full of Faith,, 😦

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