The Alec’s and Todd Bentley ‘Let’s do it’

The *Healing Awakening Revival* is a Production of God TV, Fresh Fire Ministries and Morningstar. All Ministries stand to lose massively if this ‘Revival’ is proved to be a fake, be it Healings, Evangelism, Todd’s Story mostly hidden, or Todd’s ‘Restoration’.

  I am of the opinion like other bloggers, that one year was too short a time to work on Todd’ s deficiencies. He is described as ‘troubled’.whether by his childhood or more revealingly by the so-called Lakeland Revival.

 The ‘Healing Revival Triumvirate’ therefore has a reputation to uphold hence the Dinner saying ‘We can do it’.

  God TV and friends use dinner to conduct business.  They would have planned everything. Todd is a scripted role player. Claimed Seer, Prophet, Evangelist, Apostle. All the support hidden behind the scenes so we can’t see it.

 But do we think Todd is supported and what are the signs??!!

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