Lakeland 2.0 in all but FORCED ASPECTS

My Regular Readers must be wondering what has happened to me as I have not been posting during recent Missions Weeks/Fundraising Opps and seem to be absent whilst there is this Lakeland .2.0 ‘revival’. Note that is in inverted commas.

 Ever since the Lakeland Scandal broke five years ago God TV have been claiming Revival, with the Bay of the Holy Spirit’Revival’,  The Morningstar Conference held years ago in Scotland when it was claimed Revival would spread from Scotland and various ‘revivals’ held of course by their mates at IHOP, etc just to prove their claim that indeed  God TV and pals ARE bringing REVIVAL and we are demon infested  Christians doing the devils work for him if we don’t jump straight in but ask hard questions, sit back and watch, don’t participate but  THINK ABOUT WHAT WE ARE WATCHING, LISTENING TOO ETC.

 So dear Readers this is what I feel so far:

  1.   We have Lakeland  Part 1 minus parts  God TV and Bentley  Morningstar have been FORCED TO CHANGE,  ie the violence and Angel Emma.
  2.  Todd is a workaholic thanks to God TV with  Mall Missions during the day after 10am and demands to go on Day Missions into the Locality (regardless of Local Church Leadership who are NOT consulted, let alone listened too).
  3.  Todd is winging it. I have seen too many times he pushes people at the forehead, skull area, the neck, the chest and if you don’t go down he tries again!! I have seen time and again PEOPLE [RIGHTLY] REFUSE TO GO DOWN AND BE ‘SLAIN IN THE SPIRIT’.
  4.  The Revival as it is claimed is running on Invoices and not actually paid for so far we have  COSTS OF £700K PER WEEK THE REVIVAL RUNS!!!! THIS IS ADDING UP AND UP!
  5.  Todd is trying to verify his Ministry but on his Fresh Fire Website THERE ARE NO MEDICAL VERIFICATIONS OF HEALINGS. Todd it seems claims to have a gift of healing to heal anything and everything, a recipe for trouble IMHO.
  6.   Open visions, throne room vistations angels etc, of course we don’t have Emma but we have well emma in more respectable forms. Extra Biblical,  adding doctrine that isn’t in the Bible and downright dangerous!
  7.  God TV and  Bentley are promoting this revival globally, well what did you expect??!!!
  8.   The extra biblical unbiblical doctrine of super youth  is practiced.
  9.  Mini Todd Bentley’s, kids were prayed for by Todd and expected to be let loose to minister to the audience!!!!! a separate post!!! Kids proper place is help out which is right but not take the whole burden! of course things happen but the doctrine is wrong!

 Pretoria day one has  only 1000 in attendance in a 5000 capacity   showground.   Tongaat was only 2 3rds full.  Wesley whitfield etc preached to packed out churches…..

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