Lakeland so far: Thirty days of ‘awakening revival’ and only 3 days rest!

So far we have Lakeland Mark I, an overworked Todd Bentley who feels that the whole respons.
ibility for saving the world rests on him, God TV promoting it globally to all and sundry, the Media visit which we have heard noting about.
Todd using NAR ICA Morningstar Elijah List doctrines but above all and most signficantly every inch the slave of God TV and the infamous Wendy Alec alledged release of the Third Great Awakening Prophecy.
God TV is delighted as you might expect as they are expecting vindication. Thanks to an excellent analysis on Honour of Kings by an ex , a Elijah List denizen, a fine account.
We have Bentley in the Malls from 10am on with in the glory from 3-4pm in no account do we experience the Man Bentley the man who who shag his wife Jessa sensless to get rid of the tension, who admits he is winging it or that the camera avoids following the alledgedly healed punters as they are escorted by ushers of the platform.
Other observations: did you notice the chief worshipper at the front conducting the crowd? did you notice the old bearded thin chap who gets the audience to cheer? Did you notice todd is violent and insensitive in trying to push people to the floor to mimic slain in the spirit?

Also Whitfield and Wesley preached to packed crowds, but for the past thirty days the church has been half empty?
So far so bad, so far we have Lakeland Mark II as other able commentators are speculating.


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