3 thoughts on “‘The Great Awakening Healing Revival’ with Todd Bentley in Durban on God TV

  1. im called david I live in England im 63 ive always belevied in god but never knew how to accept him Im a recovering alcoholic I couldn’t stop drinking but 24 years ago I prayed to god after many drug overdossers and I did stop drinking that night 3rd march 1989 2 years ago I was diagnosed with throat cancer it was in the vocal chords which they remover and I was speaking from my throat with a small valve but the cancer has come back and the cancer has now come back and I was told last week they cant do anything more I know theres no humane power can help me I know god can make me well but how do I get this miracle please help me I feel really healthy within my self because of prayer anyway thanks

    • Go to a Church, ring Premier Lifeline, and get PRAYER, It may or may not be god’s will to heal you, on the other hand.
      I would not touch the Todd Bentley thing with a bargepole.
      Thank you for honouring this blog with such an honest account. having mature, Spirit filled trained Christians who can pray Gods blessing on you will do you more good than the claims being spouted by this ‘revival’.
      Bentley is very immature a baby, Rick joyner believes in thrusting out immature babes out there because service is exalted above much needed healing work in a persons life and personal growth.
      Here is the number.
      Contact Lifeline
      Premier Lifeline is a confidential telephone helpline offering a listening ear along with emotional and spiritual support from a Christian perspective and prayer.

      Lifeline telephone numbers:

      0845 345 0707 (BT Local Rate)
      020 7316 0808

  2. Are you serious? This is the counsel a man in desperate need is given? You offer him a “helpline” and tell him it may not br God’s will to heal him -what bible are you reading? Jesus healed all who were oppressed – and that mandate has been given to us. When prayer remains unanswered the problem is never with God – its always with us.

    David, in Jesus name I declare healing over your body. I speak a word of restorationover your spirit, that you may walk in the fulnesof the destiny for which God created you.

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