‘Restored’ Bentley Still Punching People

Our punching Todd is back see below with his pal Rick Joyner responsible for this sham ‘restoration’.
I would have Todd in a quiet church a traditional quiet setting just being a christian guy who has a love life , and his children quietly serving the lord and living his life not this what looks like fiasco in the making that looks like being remade into Lakeland 2.0

This is the most disturbing video I have ever seen with regard to the so-called  Rick Joyner ‘Restoraton’.

It seems although kicking might be out, punching certainly isn’t and  Todd has, if you watch closely attempted to get people ‘slain [in the Spirit’] by trying to get them to go down as they are supposed to do.

The kids are now taking the place of Shonnah in terms of abandonment because God TV prioritises Minstry above Family and even Social Needs.

Todd Bentley is becoming manically workaholic in his taking on more and more work in his effort to save the world to his great harm.

We have a WEEK on the trot with work before Service Duty and presumed after in praying for every individual in the auditorium PLUS COACHES, plus Malls, plus these claims that this is worldwide and will go global thanks to God TV.

Current cost per week ate 500k meaning each additional week costs £500k with God TV planning ideally to go onto at least 86 days meaning £4m + in financial Liabilities.  As God TV are working on getting Union Street projected financial liabilities are £5m,  God TV will add considerably to their £42m budget already substantially in deficit, IN THE RED, or ‘in faith’ as God TV likes to call it.

Wolf Tracks

Todd Bentley: “The Lord told me, and remember I didn’t know he had a broken sternum or broken ribs, the Lord said I want you to punch him in the sternum as hard as you can, and I’m thinkin’ to myself, you know, you know, restoration, Rick’s here, my first service, you know, God you want me to punch this guy? And it just didn’t make sense to me, and I thought, Lord he’s dying, you know he lost over 40 pounds. So anyways, I punched him in that broken sternum, and he ended up on the ground and just vibrating under the power of God. He gets up and immediately you could see a change in his face and his countenance and uh, long story short, he was totally healed of cancer, the broken sternum was healed, the ribs were healed…”
Rick Joyner: “Instantly!”
Bentley: “Instantly!”
Joyner: “With the…

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