WARNING ! WARNING !! Todd Bentley is coming to serve Satan in South Africa

More on Bentley coming back to our screens on God TV where Rory and Wendy Alec are basically pushing for Lakeland [scandal] part II.
If you look carefully at his performance it is very shaky and I believe this affiliation with Morningstar and God TV could result in his breakdown.

For the Love of His Truth

It has come to our attention that Todd Bentley will be in South Africa from April 5 to April 28 , 2013.  The reason for his visit is to lead many astray onto the wide road leading to destruction.  His visit follows  closely on the heels of Rick Joyner last year, who joined hands with Angus Buchan read more here Warning! Rick Joyner to visit South Africa and Join hands with Angus Buchan. Also see here Angus Buchan: Evangelist or Revivalist?

Further please read Oom (Uncle) Angus Buchan from the Mighty Men Revivals and of Faith like Potatoes fame at the The Apostolic Prophetic Conference of Neville Norden’s church Lewende Woord. We  also previously reported on Gretha Wiid from the Worthy Women Revivals,  Buchan’s South African female understudy.

South African authorities should take an example from the UK, by banning this man from my beloved South Africa.

What does the…

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8 thoughts on “WARNING ! WARNING !! Todd Bentley is coming to serve Satan in South Africa

  1. If you are without sin – then you don’t need Jesus. Let God be the judge. Look at Jesus as the author and finisher of your faith. Man will always disappoint but Jesus will stay True to His promise. Jesus’ last Words on the cross “It is finish” How many times must we forgive according to the Bible and how many times can we judge man according to the Bible. If Todd is wrong, like David, leave it to God.

    • So we must disobey the injunction to judge discern? Surely what you are suggesting is exactly out of the copybook of Rory Alec courtesy of Rick Joyner who avoids any journalistic and blogger examination of his ministry.
      Haven’t you noticed that God TV basically tells you what to think about God TV and Rick Joyner ditto, also the former scandalised Kansas City prophets Paul Cain, Mike Bickle, Bob Jones now at Morningstar laying waste to the flock?
      Have you read this blog and others in order to independently make your own mind rather than be dictated to by the Spin machine that is God TV?

    • You must be informed that Rick Joyner and his minions at IHOP feel they are gifted by God to JUDGE Churches Minnistries and works and to dismantle and disaband them. The Kansas City prophets did it and inflicted irreparable damage on the Church.
      Cross Rythmes did it to me and well did expose themselves.
      It’s not me who is judging you misread your idols.
      Just read page 60 of the Harvest rick joyner to see exactly what I mean and see that God tV is the carrier of such dangerous doctrines.

    • The Bible does NOT exempt us from rebuking, judging and discerning. It is our Biblical Duty to do so, that way there is health in the body unlike this display of unhealth here.

      • We are called to judge actions but not hearts. That kind of judgment is not condemnatory but to keep us going the right way. To draw horns on Todd Bentley is judging his heart which we shouldn’t do. If you choose to keep away from it fine, but we haven’t got the right to keep others away based just on feelings and nothing concrete.

      • I have a concrete attempt on Cross Rhythms who are god tv friends to STOP a christian work I was doing, this is far from the subjective experience you accuse me of. But hey I can take it, bring it on you fanboys!

      • I have NOT healed from it, my life has been harmed due to the rick joyner ihop doctrine espousing lot so you cannot talk.

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