Like Midas PR who doesn’t have a hope in hell of promoting Wendy Alec’s unreadable books the Lawyers I believe would have false DMCA claims because they are instructed by rory and wendy alec who are biased in their instructions.

Our Clients
Some representative clients include:
Aardman Animations Ltd
Alfred Dunhill Ltd
Anglo Scottish Properties Plc
Arcade Films LLP
Asia Wealth Group Holdings plc
Aspen Global Incorporated
Baird & Co Ltd
Bank of Ireland
Blenheim Palace
BMG Rights Management
Bridges Ventures Ltd
Buccleuch Property (T/A Tarras Park Properties)
Capital and Counties Ltd
Celebrity Pictures Ltd
Centaur Media Plc
Channel TV Ltd
CIT Group plc
Covent Garden Market Authority
Delia Smith
Derwent London plc
Dune Group
Ed Victor Ltd
Electronic Ink, Inc
Element Six Ltd
Express Newspapers
Favermead Ltd
First Title Insurance plc
Forest YMCA
GMG Radio Holdings Ltd
Grant Thornton UK LLP
Guardian Media Group
Guardian Newspapers
Harper Collins Publishers Ltd
HSBC plc
Imagination Ltd
InferMed Ltd
La Senza
La Tasca Restaurants Ltd
Macmillan Publishers Ltd
Mama Group plc
Matrix Film Finance
Matrix Securities Ltd
Menzies Corporate Restructuring
Millwall Football Club
Mirror Group Newspapers
Music Sales Group
National Association of Independent Press Agencies
National Magazine Company Ltd
News International
Nicky Clarke
Penguin Books Ltd
Pisani plc
Planet Hollywood (UK) Ltd
Play Ltd
Pressdram Ltd (Private Eye)
Richemont International Ltd
Royal Bank of Scotland plc
Ryman Ltd
Santander UK plc
Scott Free Films Ltd
Shoe Studio Group
Soccer Scene
Standard Chartered Bank
Stringfellow Restaurants Ltd
The Hearst Corporation
The Lancaster Landmark Hotel Company Ltd
Thomas Miller & Co Ltd
Tyco Electronics UK Ltd
Usborne Publishing Ltd
White Rivers LLP

Let us think of all the businesses who are after god tv, unpaid suppliers, we had Markosia, who did work for wendy alec but who were’nt paid, we have those Ministries subsidisng God TV’s self glorification exercises in transmitter land. Do you think god tv has the mo2ney to soley host it’s own hardware without subsidy and bailout? We have the legal charges against them barclays and another financial institution.

God TV owners rory and wendy alec has LOST TWO HOUSES, perhaps even the Kansas Mansion?

God TV is constantly threatened with closure yes by banks, by needing monies in the actaul accounts.

GOD TV is always being threatened with closure and has constant financial crises. Ask yourself can they afford the services of a Top Mayfair Media Solicitor? 

The Ministry has enormous capital liabilities in terms of physical stock, the unpaid for Broadcast centre, only 500k donated big PR exercise in Jerusalem. If it gets its money in the bank it will end up with capital liabilities of Brown building b and the boulevard cinema which will put enormous pressure on their finances.

Not least are they not being delusional in thinking they can employ top media lawyers and top PR in an effort to shore up an increasingly fragile operation?


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