God TV and it’s allies Folly’s End, Cross Rhythms, etc want to bring Todd Bentley back to this Plymouth ‘Revival’ Centre if

 I believe the reason we have so-called ‘revival alert’ is that  God TV along with Cross Rhythms, Folly’s End Croydon, Morningstar USA, IHOP Kansas, is that God TV wants to be able to host Todd Bentley and bypass the legal ruling that prevents him from entering this Country.

 We witness Wendy Alec off on one of her prophetic wheezes stating that the Father says the Lakeland revival was ABORTED, that god was doing great things there etc etc. This in plain sight on Missions week repeats Revival Alert Repeats.

 God TV is dead keen on getting not one but two buildings, any canny readers can see the capital costs mount up: God TV forest of hate negev givot bar, Israel Broadcast centre, still unpaid for, god tv memorial garden no progress on reported so far, the gulfstream jet so wonderfully m on a behind the screens.  My current guesstimate is that capital costs exceed £7m this figure includes £2m for the Brown building with the proposed Boulavard needing at least £5m or work to bring it up to scratch. God TV forgets it has to save the ministry!!!!!  We now have sacked staff the operators are now volunteers, only god tv crew are paid, the printer is relatively silent despite god tv efforts to deflect attention away from the printer and onto the altar.

  I think we can expect a Boulevard Street Missons Week, with rory alec saying god wants it etc,  a  formal missions week and more in the bank missions weeks  for god tv to attempt to get the money not only for it’s expensive capital projects but partners and funds to secure the ministry.



2 thoughts on “God TV and it’s allies Folly’s End, Cross Rhythms, etc want to bring Todd Bentley back to this Plymouth ‘Revival’ Centre if

  1. I believe that if a ministry is really Gods will then we don’t have to ask for money, just pray for it.

    I think of George Muller who never asked for a p[penny but always had funds for his orphanages in Bristol.

    • I partially disagree with you. But if God TV was like George Muller, what a difference! As it is I believe God TV is rightfully and righteously rebuked by every Church and Ministry that successfully, prayerfully, in league with God’s Spirit, with the people, taking people with them, persuading them of the vision, that raises the monies despite the worst recession/s since the 1930’s.

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