God TV now wants to buy TWO Buildings and seems to have forgotten to save the Ministry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God TV Day 5 Thursday 23 Jan 2013. 50,000 sq feet Warehouse type space in Plympton Devon. Now it seems that, believe it or not God TV wants to buy TWO BUILDINGS IN plymouth.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought they had lost it by focusing on buying The Boulevard but now they have really lost it.
God TV seems to have lost the idea that the Ministry’s very existence is at stake hence needing $2.5m IN THE BANK to pay bills so outstanding.

5 thoughts on “God TV now wants to buy TWO Buildings and seems to have forgotten to save the Ministry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Bro. You will see them buy those properties atleast one of the for sure and yet exist. But the question is will you then believe in Gods miracle and accept that he can do the same miracles in your life??

    • God TV have enough financial liabilities as it is without imposing any more. Ultimately their supporters will pay by being asked to donate larger and larger sums at enormous cost which is never even considered by the God TV Leadership.
      God TV are in cloud cuckoo land, wendy alec nearly electrocuting the studio, rory alec getting ideas that he is going to climb Killamananjaru, the whole ‘revival’ thing. god Tv are not rooted in reality as it confronts thousands of ministries and millions of organisations.The fact that annually they are threatened with closure should alert you to this
      As far as the Broadcast Alert/Missions Week no 1 god tv don’t even have sums coming in to pay for ONE let alone TWO buildings let alone outstanding BILLS being demanded by satellite/internet tv providers and their BANK.

  2. I don’t need the ‘miracles ‘ rory and wendy et al are supposed to be invested with. I consider them to be abject failures, full of falsehood and superficial ways always hiding[the truth] from the views. However as this pioneering groundbreaking blog demonstrates if you work hard you can always catch their embarrassing,honest, real downpour.

  3. the building in Plymouth seems to be in very poor repair and will take a lot of work to get it up to scratch. Does anyone know if Rory alec conquered Kilimanjaro. He was supposed to climb it earlier this year

    • Alledgedly Marcel Oliver climbed Killamanjaru but we have no video proof only an over panned picture of him at the summit. God TV have had access to a helicopter then he didn’t look exhausted. Without proof he cculd have been helicoptered to the summit or done it in an easier less strenous way.

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