God TV charity wants Viewers to finance God TV’s Motoracing ambition Le Manns would be nice

EFFORT Racing is honored to field the GOD Car in North American series competition.

The EFFORT Message
EFFORT Racing is a proud supporter of GOD TV and we look forward to driving continued awareness of GOD TV within the racing world via the entry of the “GOD Cars” in multiple automobile racing series.

The Story on the GOD Car
After viewing the unique programming structure and the positive messages being broadcast to youth around the world, Emile Toups (EFFORT Racing owner) sought to get engaged through monetary and prayer support for the ministry. This eventually led to a trip to Israel in September 2011 to see the GOD TV operation up close and personal. What was experienced during that visit was life changing for Emile and he desired to get engaged in a more committed way.

“When I saw the broadcast studio basically at the base of Mount Zion in Jerusalem I immediately caught the vision of a truly global distribution network for Gods word to reach all corners of the earth.” There are so many references to the word of the Lord going forth out of ZION (Micah 4:2).

“It was a very solemn moment for me as my only thought was what can I do to support this great organization? What can I do to truly make an impact and to support GOD TV and their vision for a Billion souls?”


The Story of the GOD CAR

THE VISION: To use the racing scene as a catalyst to spread awareness of the great work being performed by our brothers and sisters at GOD TV.

GOD TV needs committed support! Current cost to broadcast to 212 countries is only $60 a minute! There are 43,829 minutes in a typical month and so far approximately 1/3 of that total is being supported by faithful GOD TV viewers each giving $60 a month.

After learning this, Emile joined his passion for racing with his desire to support GOD TV and encourage others to do so also. So my direction came, launch the racing activity with a clear message so that all the racing world can become aware and “reverse the curse” in their own lives by taking part as Media Missonaries in support of broadcasting GODs word to the nations!

The vision solidified and EFFORT Racing reached out to GOD TV to obtain logos to do the “Mock ups” of what would eventually become the GOD Car!

GOD TV invited Emile to a Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival live broadcast session in Orlando in January 2012, as he was heading to the racing season kickoff at Daytona just a few days later. At these amazing meetings with John Kilpatrick and Nathan Morris is where the first ready designs of the GOD Car were first shown to Rory Alec. After a few seconds of looking at the design he excitedly gave us feedback on the final color choices and away we went.

This is what was shown to Rory on the 25th January 2012

At the conclusion of the meetings, Emile invited Rory and some of the GOD TV crew to come out to the start of the “24 Hours of Daytona” on Saturday the 28th of January. Though on limited time, Rory attended this special 50th anniversary event for a few hours where he met drivers, race crews and team owners, all with a future role in the spiritual support of the racing world. “What an opportunity for ministry,” Rory said, “I can see this whole complex filled for Jesus.” It was during this time of proclamation and agreement that Rory turned and said “Emile! We need to film you racing to show the world that GOD is NOT boring!” The Laguna Seca race was agreed upon as the future filming location. After enjoying a few thrilling laps of race cars roaring by, Rory and his team had to rush out of the Daytona International Speedway to catch a flight home, and on to their next endeavor.

It was then that day on the 28th of January 2012 in Daytona Beach, Florida, that the partnership and the future introduction of the GOD Car into the racing world was agreed upon!

Ultimately, this led to the creation of the GOD Car in 2012, a Ferrari 458, which Emile raced in the Ferrari Challenge. The GOD Car has since evolved into a series of EFFORT race cars, branded in the livery of GOD TV, with the goal of spreading the Lord’s message to the racing community and beyond. We want everyone to reverse the curse in their life – get engaged and join us in supporting GOD TV! http://www.god.tv/partnerweek

Message from GOD TV

In November 2012, we had the opportunity to see the GOD Car in action during the Austin Grand Prix and were impressed by EFFORTs strong desire to give and spread the word of GOD. Motorsports are such an important part of the culture around the world, and to see our wonderfully provocative message displayed prominently in front of 250,000 racing fans was such a thrill.

We are incredibly grateful to have a US partner like EFFORT Racing, who have used their own resources to create something so special and introduce our ministry to an entirely new group of people. As we expand the GOD TV brand across the globe in the coming months, we feel truly blessed that our friends at EFFORT are a part of it.

About GOD TV

Founded in the UK in 1995 by Christian media pioneers, Rory & Wendy Alec, GOD TV has rapidly expanded over the past 16 years, defying huge obstacles, to reach the globe with life-changing Christian programming.

The miraculous story of how the Alecs challenged the UK’s broadcast restrictions and overcame many barriers to establish Europe’s first daily Christian Network is told in the book ‘Against All Odds’ by Wendy Alec.

Today GOD TV continues to break new ground worldwide. The GOD Channel now reaches well over half a billion people in over 200 nations and territories, and the network has offices in the USA, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, Asia, and Australasia.


 I am sure that Christian Motoracing is good thing.

 You all know how god tv consistently overspends and over relies on viewer donations to finance ministries.

 Effort racing have paid for decoration of cars in god tv logo but NOT CARS THEMSELVES.

 Motoracing is expensive and the Alec’s haven’t announced this as yet ANOTHER expensive project which they expect their viewers to cough up for.



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