God TV announces that it wants to buy The Odeon Cinema  aka The Boulevard for $2.5m or £1.5m in sterling terms.

  God TV has been touring Plymouth, where Cross Rhythms has a Station, with a view to thepurchasing a Property where they can quote unquote ‘host revivals’ ie be part of the Counter-Campaign run by sympathetic Ministries such as Folly’s End Croydon run by Dave and Zee Markee to bring Bentley   back.

 Of course if this all goes ahead then we can look forward to having God TV ‘live’ insofar as they activate their dormant Cross Rhythms arm in an effort to monopolise and control the Music scene also,and prevent any competing works from arising ie Revelation TV attempt to have a rock based music scene before the Black Gospel mafia took it over.

 Regular Readers will not be surprised to know that God TV URGENTLY needs $2.5m in the bank before the end of February as it increasingly looks as if the hard pressed supporters are being called on to supply actual cashflow to God TV which has demonstrated it’s lack of discipline when it comes down to  refusing new projects.

  As you know God TV wants a Memorial Garden in the devastatingly costly Prime land, a God  TV Forrest still in process,  payment for the Israel Broadcast Centre after a failed campaign to get the money, a Reservoir in the Negev to feed the God TV proposed Forest, and stop the Ministry from financial closure.

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