Midas PR a top PR Agency has a job on it’s hands unless it can drop God TV

Unless MIdas PR can drop God TV as it has a right to do so, it has a real job on it’s hands.
God TV are arrogant enough to think that by hiring this most expensive and costly of Agencies that it will have the desired effect of flogging Wendy Alec’s Chronicles of Brothers which those who are alive in a literary sense, will recognise should never have been published, self published or seen the light of day on a Christian publishers.
Too many Christians are blind to how they are being assaulted intellectually by these books. I need to make the case to wake them up by now publishing on my blog the reasons why Chronicles of Brothers should have never have been published, never seen light of day, why Wendy Alec is not a reader, and why a well written 99p book on Amazon at least represents an example of something worth reading.
I need to demonstrate with the one copy ‘Fall of Lucifer’why God TV is loaded with yet another scandal.

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