God TV Partner Week announced in an email to 80,000 Subscribers Partner Week from July 9th-15th of whom only 20% of total Viewership support

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Partner with us

Blessings in the Name that is above every name! This is the year that you & I conquer the mountains in our lives!

We believe the next SEVEN years are going to be the most fruitful and earth-shaking we’ve ever seen. The greatest revival and awakening is about to shake the nations! The great Harvest is upon us beloved, and GOD TV is ready to be a vital communications tool in this end time. What exciting plans, purposes and dreams our Father has for YOU & US to fulfill in the days ahead. We MUST hasten to be ready!

In addition to equipping you, our viewers, the Lord has been using GOD TV as a “chronicler” of the moves of His Spirit… which have touched all our lives deeply, but there is SO MUCH MORE that He is pressing us to do at this time.

Each month Wendy, myself, and the entire team, fully committed to you and your equipping, climb a mountain BY FAITH to get the GOD TV signal from Jerusalem to your home, and 190 million other precious homes; all in an impassioned vision to reach ONE BILLION SOULS!

Finding the cash each month to finance and pay for 44,000 minutes of TV production and broadcasting has become overwhelming and exhausting. THIS is the great MOUNTAIN of resistance that threatens YOUR GOD TV today – the enemy stirring up viewer apathy, and for many, disobedience, in not following the promptings of the Spirit.

If the devil can stop viewer support, he can kill the vision. Needless to say, Wendy and I have been crying out to the Lord for the solution.

Please hear our hearts!

We understand many of our viewers face extremely difficult circumstances, and that GOD TV is a lifeline of inspiration, encouragement and anointing that will break the yoke of bondage in people’s lives, and indeed lives ARE radically transformed and delivered by the grace and Word of God presented on this Channel!

The MAIN reason we DO NOT charge a monthly subscription fee is we want millions to find this channel and have their lives deeply touched.

Wendy and I thank God: we are deeply grateful for every penny that has been sown by our viewers through Missions Week and other appeals… BUT many months we run at a deficit.

This places great pressure on our team in their service, radical cut backs in anointed programming, missing vital distribution opportunities to reach more cities, and in some cases losing the GOD TV voice to powerful cities of influence like San Francisco… all because of a lack of funds.

Oh, we praise the Father for the GOD TV Family who love this ministry, who understand the vision mandate, and faithfully (even sacrificially) give to help us maintain this tremendous burden: the FAITHFUL FEW carrying the weight for the benefit of the majority who thoroughly enjoy GOD TV, but never stop to consider supporting or assisting.

You would be shocked to know how few are committed monthly supporters!

The Lord has instructed us to reach out and seek the first 44,000 families to join us by shouldering the joyful burden of covering the cost of ONE MINUTE OR MORE EACH MONTH, or even a part of ONE minute as unto the Lord… to become GOD TV ANGELS; a unique group of co-labourers — a Gideon’s army if you will – THE FOUNDATION OF A MONTHLY PARTNER BASE that we believe will grow to one million families across the earth — that have been called by God to serve and co-labour with Him and with GOD TV.

So, what is a GOD TV ANGEL you ask? A GOD TV ANGEL is an individual or family, a regular GOD TV viewer, who gives a financial gift EVERY MONTH by automatic debit. You determine the amount of the gift with Him, and we can count on your gift arriving each month.

Is it hard to become a GOD TV ANGEL? NO, not at all! It takes very little effort to set up your monthly arrangement with the GOD TV Team, no more than 5 minutes… you can also set it up online, http://www.god.tv/angel and then your gift is received (WITH GREAT JOY!) each month without you having the hassle, or forgetting to honour your commitment to the Lord.

IMAGINE willingly investing into the Father’s purposes; giving a small portion of all that He has blessed you with as an ongoing seed — the knowledge that you have covered ONE MINUTE OR MORE of GOD TV from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth.

IMAGINE knowing that you can turn on the TV, or internet and watch GOD TV day or night, bringing encouragement to you and your family no matter what your circumstance, because you have answered an instruction from God, an invitation to join a select group of co-labourers in this extraordinary vision of GOD TV!

There is no greater privilege than contributing to His plans, becoming an Aaron or a Hur to your GOD TV, fighting the demonic forces, seeing thousands upon thousands liberated by investing into a 24 hour-a-day broadcaster of LIFE, LIGHT, LOVE… of the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

This is a GOD invitation! It’s an invitation to become part of His plans, His channel, History!

Stop for minute in your busy schedule beloved, and think about this… you and I cannot go where GOD TV must go. Across borders into millions of homes SIMULTANEOUSLY, 24-hours-a-day, lifting up the name and testimony of the Lord!

And think about this… we, the GOD TV Team, cannot go into the market place to generate the necessary finance to pay for the day-to-day running costs of GOD TV. Oh I wish we could, for then Wendy and I would joyfully cover ALL the costs of this ministry knowing that GOD TV is there to serve and bless you and your whole family without asking you for one penny!

BUT then God would NOT get the glory, AND I would not need to TRUST and RELY on the Lord each month, AND we would rob YOU of a great opportunity to sow into the plans and purposes of God, thereby securing an everlasting claim before God and man: “I obeyed the prompting of the Lord and sowed into the reaching of souls across 214 nations. I partnered with God.”

God is not mocked beloved, whatever a man sows so shall he reap. You CANNOT out-give your heavenly Father. Likewise, it would be unrighteous to consume the ministry of GOD TV on a regular basis and not give something towards supporting its continued service.

The Lord instructed the Israelites to never stand before Him empty handed in the temple in Jerusalem. Why, you ask? Because that was the only way to fund the temple’s activities and support those that worked full time in the temple.

When the Israelites disobeyed the Lord, the priestly duties where compromised and the Levites returned to their cities to generate their own revenue to survive.

GOD TV is funded by precious viewers like you. Wendy and I WILL NOT place secular ads & infomercials on GOD TV to cover the costs of this ministry… even if it raised great revenue: we dare not grieve the Holy Spirit!

I am confident you understand that if everyone of our viewers, poor or rich did something, AND committed to this EVERY month, that it would not only cover the running expense of GOD TV as it is today, but also the GOD TV of tomorrow!

Now dear one, this invitation to become a GOD TV ANGEL is in your hands. The GOD TV Team is praying that we would find favour with you, and that you will swiftly seek the Lord on the amount He would have your family commit to on a monthly basis. Some in the GOD TV Family have started with committing the price of a cup of coffee each week and the Lord honoured their faith with a harvest, and they in turn increased their monthly support.

We ask nothing more than this: be obedient to the Lord’s prompting. Each gift abounds to your heavenly account, and is valuable and precious to us — we NEED you!

With all our love in His great love, we remain your partners in the Kingdom.


Rory Alec

P.S. Please join us for Partner Week from July 9th-15th. It’s time to conquer your mountain, and it’s time for GOD TV to conquer ours!


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